Healing Mantras for Anxiety and Depression

Healing Mantras for Anxiety and Depression

What kinds of things do you tell yourself when you’re planning to take on a task? Have you ever found yourself feeling annoyed when people want you to visualize yourself in a better position to gain confidence?

If you do, then you’re probably forgetting that you tell yourself little bits of positive or negative reinforcement all the time. What you think or say to yourself can have extreme effects on the outcome of a situation, or at the very least, how you feel about the outcome. Here are some healing mantras for anxiety and depression.

“The most powerful ones are those who win wars we don’t ever see.”

It’s easy to become focused on yourself. If you knew how many people were really suffering in silence you might reconsider the weight of your plight. Today the self is the center of all things, and marketing has magnified this viewpoint. Empathy isn’t always easy to have, but remembering to keep your eye on the interests of others before yourself can teach you to avoid a large portion of conflicts. Many people walk through life with their troubles bottled up inside. Try to avoid being the person who adds to their burden.

“Faith is sensing the good in the world when all you see is evil.”

Sometimes you can allow the negative to cloud the view of what truly exists. Holding onto the hope that there is good in the world is important to the way that you treat others, in that it makes you more open to treating people well, in addition to receiving kind treatment from others.

“It is more important to take a step than to see the entire roadway.”

If you focus too much on knowing everything, you can become stuck in a state of inaction. Sometimes getting started is all you need to finish a journey.

“Hardships can create new beginnings. Be open to the path.”

You can either fight the current or let it take you where it’s going. Either way, you have to make a choice and follow through. At times, these hardships can inspire innovation.

“Mistakes are a part of learning from your past, use them to build a better future.”

Be sure to learn from your mistakes. If you don’t then the pain you experience is all for nothing. Use it to make a better plan, and hard work can carry you to success.

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