Sustainable Diets

Sustainable Diets

While ‘sustainable’ and ‘sensible’ aren’t words often used to describe fat loss plans, these are the two S’ of fat loss nutrition.

Weight loss comes down to calories in versus calories out.

You have to be in a deficit to lose fat. No two ways about it.

That’s not to say it’s the only thing that matters, as other factors play important roles, but calorie balance is the key one.

Once you get this dialled in though, you can eat anything you want (within reason) and still lose fat very quickly. Obviously the majority of your food choices should be healthy, but if you want some pizza, some ice cream, some chocolate, or even some wine, you’ll be able to do that without wrecking your progress, provided you follow the methods outlined in later chapters.

We’ll take you through every single dieting component to ensure that you lose fat as fast as humanly possible, but do so in a way that –

– Keeps you feeling full and satisfied
– Doesn’t ban or exclude any foods or food groups
– Lets you have treats and things you enjoy on a regular basis
– Maximizes fat loss and muscle retention
– Doesn’t make you want to binge
– Gives you energy to train hard
– Keeps your metabolism on turbo speed
– Allows you to follow your diet indefinitely with no suffering and no cravings.

Essentially, it’s a diet that doesn’t feel like a diet, but the results you get are amazing.

Before we dive in, let me assure you once more that everything in here is backed by science.

Through my time in the industry, I’ve dedicated myself to learning about female fat loss nutrition, and sorting out the fact from fad, and it’s a pleasure to share it with you here.

Sustainable Diets

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