How to Use Essential Oils for Mental Health

How to Use Essential Oils for Mental Health

Mental health issues carry a lot of stigma, and the general population tends to be lacking in up to date, accurate information that can enlighten them to be more understanding and compassionate towards those who suffer with various issues, but the naturalist communities have long sought out ways to help soothe individuals who face these challenges. Studies have shown how much of an impact that calm, and positivity can have on people with anxiety and depression, so this article will be geared towards showing a few ways to use essential oils for mental health.


Even though this essential oil isn’t taken like medicine generally, their presence and aroma can be felt through the body when used. Bergamot is known for having a very stimulating effect on the body and senses. It has been shown to lower the anxiety response in people as well as animals during testing. In a blind test, it was shown to lower the heat rates of subjects compared to placebo. It would be a great idea to pair this oil with some sort of massage so that the aroma can be tied to the action of a calming touch. You can also rub it onto areas where it will be detected by smell like the chest or neck.


Lavender is one of the oils on this list with a very long history of being associated with calmness and mental well-being. As one of the essential oils that can be ingested, it has been noted that studies involving lavender have concluded that small doses in capsules have been [proven to have a positive effect on mood with a view to depression and anxiety. For people who have experienced negative side effects associated with most synthetic drugs, this can be a much-needed breakthrough for natural medicine and the people who suffer with these issues around the world.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile is another herb that can be turned into an oil and is safe to ingest. It is definitely one of the most popular for it’s wide use and effective action. Chamomile appears in all sorts of products ranging from aromatherapy to tea, and has been a welcome addition to the items for quite some time. If you have the chance to make this herb a part of your home treatment, you’ll be likely to end up swearing by it as many have before you.

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