Health Benefits of Bio-available Minerals

Health Benefits of Bio-available Minerals

There is no doubt that we (as the human race) are deficient in the minerals which are the building blocks of life. There are fewer and fewer minerals in the food that we eat and most of the mineral supplements which are made available to us over-the-counter are not able to be absorbed by the cells of our body, which vastly reduces their efficacy.

Your body requires sixty minerals to achieve optimal performance. Even if you supplement, due to the nature of the nutritional minerals provided by the major retail outlets, the molecular size of the minerals prevents the absorption of the nutrients by the cells of our bodies which are by far much smaller than the mineral, and therefore cannot affect your biology, except for about 10-20%, if that.

Multi-mineral supplements available to the general public over-the-counter at best include 12 to 15 minerals which are derived from metallic, stone, or salt sources and are unable for the most part to be absorbed by the human body, a far cry from the 60 minerals that your body needs.

Why You Need Plant Derived Minerals Nutrition Explained

This bio-unavailability of minerals has reached epidemic proportions and is well-known among scientists and nutritionists which has the leading-edge healthcare providers looking at more bioavailable sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

The ultimate goal would be to reduce the size of the molecules so that they could be absorbed by our cells. One of the best ideas is to incorporate some type of Nanotechnology to reduce the molecular size of the nutrients, which has not appeared on the horizon in any method that might be economical enough to make it financially feasible to benefit from any normal distribution channel.

There is, on the other hand, a natural method of reducing the molecular size of minerals so that these invaluable nutrients can be absorbed by our bodies’ cells. This method is provided to us by Mother Nature. In fact, it is the way minerals were delivered to the human biological system, naturally, until the last hundred years or so.

They way nature provided our bodies’ cells prior to the industrial revolution was via plant life. The minerals were in the soil, the plants extracted the essential minerals from the soil, and via this metamorphosis, the minerals were naturally broken down to very small molecular sizes, which were easily assimilated by our bodies by simply ingesting the vegetation.

happy plants -bioavailable minerals
Happy Plants

The problem today is that the soil no longer is rich in minerals, so, unfortunately, these minerals are not present in any current plant life.

In an effort to extract a bio-available form of minerals which can be distributed and absorbed by the cells of the human body, nutritionists have recreated this natural environment to feed plant life with the 60 minerals, then harvest the minerals and prepare the retrieved minerals for distribution to the people.

This method refers to a derivational method referred to as, “Plant-derived minerals.”

To date, these plant-derived minerals are pre-digested and broken down by the plant life for the best nature-based nutrient delivery system which is the most economically distributable source of minerals possessing the greatest degree of bioavailability and are easily 100% absorbed by the human body as being naturally trans-mutated to a food state.

If you are to receive any health benefits from supplemental mineral ingestion the only way to proceed is with a source of plant-derived bioavailable nutrients. Humans cannot just eat rock dust; plants need all the 72 glacial crushed minerals so the plants have raw materials to make the bio-available minerals and vitamins necessary for your body.

Dr. Wallach has presented the world with a source for these bio-available minerals, as well as other nutrients essential to optimize health and longevity. He has organized a health and wellness information and distribution method for delineating and delivering this important message and the nutrients to the masses.

“The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals” – Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner)

“The human body needs at least 60 (plant) minerals to maintain a disease and ailment free state” and “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals” – Dr. Gary Price-Todd

This one sentence has killed more people than all the wars in American history: “You get all the nutrition you need from the four food groups.” – Dr. Wallach

“All humans should be consuming bioavailable plant-based minerals for maximum absorption. The minerals have to be processed by a plant first.  if the minerals are not in the soil the plant has nothing the process.” – Dr. Herb Uhl, Natural Nutrition, College of Life Science, Austin, TX

“Plants are pharmaceutical laboratories, you might say,” Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted in his podcast. “And they synthesize healthy size molecules by themselves.”

The Importance of Plant Based Trace Minerals Dr Joel D. Wallach

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