The Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading

The Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading

 A Tarot Card reading  might open a few doors for you – or not!

Are you looking for some more guidance in your life? Perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads and are unsure of what your path is and where it is going. A wonderful, visual, creative and simple way to alleviate a lot of this stress is by getting a professional Tarot Card reading.

Tarot cards
tarot cards

What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards make up a set of 78 or more illustrated cards, containing 2 different groups – the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

  • The Major Arcana makes up just one suit, but the
  • Minor Arcana contains four:
    • Wands The Wands represent the element of fire and spirituality and creativity.
    • Pentacles – Pentacles represent earth and money
    • Swords – Swords represent air, conflict and tension.
    • Cups – Cups represent water, emotions and relationships.
    • These four can be compared to the types of cards in a playing deck: Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.


These special cards have been used for ages (are said to have originated in Egypt) to take a look at one’s life and energy, offering you a more objective look at influences, patterns, obstacles and strengths you may have been unaware of.

Tarot Card readings allow you to step back and take a look at the energies in your life and how they work together to determine your life’s path. They contain photos of scenes and objects with little explanation. It is this ambiguity and power to evoke the imagination that helps you find creative solutions to a problem.


How Can Tarot Cards Help?

First, it should be noted that Tarot Card readings do not predict the future or offer black-and-white solutions to your problems. The results are open for you to interpret and figure out the best course of action for you.


Are you don’t because you have received the Tower Card?

For instance, you may receive The Tower card (representative of disaster, breakdowns and upheaval) in reference to our path and purpose. You can either interpret this to mean that you are doomed, or see it to mean you are meant to cause change and be a catalyst for good.


That being said, a reading done by an experienced reader can offer you a look at multiple aspects of your life, from your romantic life, the future of your career, details about family problems and more.

“Tarot is useful in showing you the details you may be missing and shows you what the most probable outcome is based on your current path.” (1) footnote


A correct Tarot Card reading can definitely improve the quality of your life. You can expect to discover information about:

  • Hidden fears, doubts or insecurities that you can take the opportunity to work on and improve your life
  • Hidden talents you can explore and nurture
  • Your connection with God or whatever higher power you believe in and how you can strengthen and use that connection to your advantage
  • Ways you can be a better person and help those around you
  • Varying paths your life may take in the future based on what you are doing now, so that you can steer your actions towards one or the other
  • The true natures of people in your life so you can know who to avoid and what relationships to work on


Way back when they first appeared in Egypt, church officials did not approve of any kind of card readings because they saw it as taking away some of their power over the flock.

Is Tarot card reading just black magic?

Some people write off Tarot Card readings as “magic” or something silly that has no hold on reality. Even if you don’t believe in fortune telling, the value in Tarot Card readings lies in it’s ability to make you think more introspectively and thoughtfully about your life, goals and actions.

It might help you solve a problem

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it helps to solve a problem if you simply explain it to someone else? Oftentimes, the solution floats to the surface as you share your thoughts with another person. A good reading allows you to accomplish this by stepping back, gaining a new perspective, getting second opinions, receiving guidance and advice and considering varying solutions to your problems. (2) footnote

The bottom line is: tarot can help you develop another perspective.

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