Spiritual? What is Spirituality?

Spiritual? What is Spirituality?

What is spirituality spiritual
Are you a Spiritual person?

By Internet definition Spiritual is:

  1. Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not material; supernatural: spiritual power.
  2. Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul: spiritual guidance; spiritual growth.
  3. Not concerned with material or worldly things: led a spiritual life.
  4. Of or belonging to a religion; sacred: spiritual practices; spiritual music.

Oh well, I guess that definition is the best they can do. These definitions are being manufactured by intellectuals, not the people who are doing their best to return to a spiritual life. You might ask, “What is not spiritual?”

Within us we each have Spirit! Are you one who is interested in awakening the Spirit within?

First, exactly who are you; who do you think you are? Check all those boxes that apply.

Are you a person?
Are you a person with a Soul?
Are you a body?
Are you a mind; are you any of your thoughts?
Are you a personality?
Are you your feelings?
Are you a spiritual being?
Are you a person who is a Soul?
Are a Soul wearing a person?
Are you a person who has a spirit or who has a soul within?

You are the Spirit. You are in a virtual reality playing a human game. You are the one who has a body and you are wearing the body, but you are not the body.

You are not the body, you are not your personality, you are not the mind and you’re not your thoughts.

Many religions and spiritual paths have tried to share this sacred knowledge with us. Are you a religious person or a spiritual person? I realized that when I became a spiritual person, I lost all interest in any religions. I see that religions are doing the best they can, but you will outgrow them one day if you are lucky.

You are spirit and as a spirit (or soul) you are perfect just like you are. You do not need lessons. You do not need trials and testing because God placed you here perfect in every way.

You are here because you are a necessary part of the play. Don’t ever underestimate your own value. Own up to your own value. You are here for a reason and it benefits you and God.

A word or a name (a sound) is a vibration and a tool that helps to elevate your spiritual energy or even take it down like – some thoughts and music do. A change of speech is a change of mind. Your mindset (your thought) is creating your reality. You create your future by you own inner talk to the Spirit within whether you are aware that you have a listener or not.

Negative inner or outer talking is the breeding ground for an unhappy life. All things are generated out of imagination. What if you only think and express thoughts that are a benefit to you and others? What if you started looking for what’s right about the world instead of categorizing what is wrong?

Signs of returning to the spiritual life:

  1. You are Lightening up about being right or not being wrong
  2. It is easier to release struggle, judgment and criticism of others
  3. You’re not being pulled and tugged so hard in other directions by what is happening in the material world
  4. You’re Keeping your mind and soul on something bigger than physical life
  5. You find out that you are being drawn to something inside of you
  6. You start feeling happiness for no apparent reason
  7. You might have frequent incidents of smiling
  8. A loss of interest in
    1. Conflict
    2. Worry
    3. Deciphering the actions of others
  9. You are finding the ability to love without supposing or expecting anything in return
  10. Self-realization is the gift itself. You were born to realize who you are!

There is nothing outside of you that is going to come into your life to save you. You are Spirit and you’re the one who is going to step forward and save you! You, the Spirit, are the Divine Magician that is living inside of you. You, as the Spiritual you, must come out and love yourself so much that you change the body/mind…

  • From sickness to wellness
  • From sadness to happiness
  • From anger to peace and harmony
  • From poverty to wealth and abundance
  • From old age to eternal youth

Anyone who is angry is fearful…. If you know that you are an aspect of God and that you are indestructible then there is not much to fear. Those who have had the “near-death” experience no longer fear death. They were shown that we all are eternal beings. When you no longer fear death, then you are not afraid of living.

“Who Are You”

Jim wrote this 5yrs ago…
http://self-improvement-ebooks.com/books/yfiyf.php. “Have you ever really thought about who you are, I mean really, really though? Up until the last 2 years I didn’t know myself that well, I don’t think I liked myself, but I did a lot of soul cleansing, tossed a lot of the rubbish out that I had accumulated over the years, things that I had done that I felt guilty about and things I had no control over, but still took the blame. Well, now I am here to say I am not that person anymore, I am a survivor and I have so much more to achieve in this lifetime. Ask yourself today “Who Am I” and “What Do I Want Out Of Life” and “What Am I Going To Do About It?” Thanks Jim

Is being spiritual the same as supernatural?

If it can be done why would it be called supernatural? Could it just be a type of natural we don’t understand yet?

It takes a little more effort to retrain your mind to look within for help than always looking without. That knight in shinning armor is not coming to save you! Jesus is not going to save you either! He went within himself and found the Christ. He wants you also to look within yourself and find the same Christ (the God within).

Start working on this mindset and you will reap the rewards that await you.

“Most of us are reflecting life and not affecting it. Your inner speech mirrors your mind, and your mind echoes God. If you do not change your thoughts, you haven’t changed their activity. And if you do not change their activity, the conditions of your life cannot change, for they are only bearing witness to the inner action of your mind.” By Neville Goddard

In Your Faith is Your Fortune, originally published in 1941, Neville Goddard presents his interpretations of key Biblical passages as the basis for conveying metaphysical principles – spiritual experiences. Each of the book’s 27 essays begins with a quote from Scripture, which Neville uses as a starting point for his revelatory teachings. By http://self-improvement-ebooks.com/books/yfiyf.php

“Man can decree a thing and it will come to pass. Man has always decreed that which has appeared in his world. He is today decreeing that which is appearing in his world and he shall continue to do so long as man is conscious of being man. Nothing has ever appeared in man’s world, but what man decreed that it should.

This you may deny; but try as you will, you cannot disprove it for this decreeing is based upon a changeless principle. Man does not command things to appear by his words, which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.” By Neville

If you think that something might be blocking you from realizing who you are and how powerful you are, you might look at Laser Reiki for some really fast unblocking.

Spirituality Questionaire check all that apply

Who are you?


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