Will Smoking Marijuana Effect A Reiki Treatment?

Will Smoking Marijuana Effect A Reiki Treatment?

I’m Taylore Vance and a Reiki master student of mine came by to ask some questions about his practice. Desmond asked, “So I’m a Reiki Master and I studied under you, I have my own practice and I have several clients coming to me who use marijuana regularly. They started using MJ medicinally and now it’s part of their personal everyday therapy and is part of whom they are. So how does that affect the results of my Reiki practice with someone who is on marijuana?

Will Smoking Marijuana Effect A Reiki Treatment?
Will Smoking Marijuana Effect A Reiki Treatment?

Desmond:  “Is there an effect? Should they not be on marijuana when I give them a Reiki Treatment? Would being on cannabis make them less or more open to the energy healing? So what’s the answer?”

TV: So your clients are still doing their medicinal marijuana every day, have been doing it for years; do you think they should change or stop doing so much marijuana?

First: they came to you because their drug didn’t give them all the results they desired.

Second: a drug is a drug whether it grows on a plant or is prescribed by a doctor. It is sort of a support that tends to hide symptoms. Our aim as a Reiki Master is to make changes so they don’t need any drugs or other crutches.

TV:  If a person is taking marijuana regularly, it’s in all the cells of his/her body and it would take probably 90 to 120 days to be clean. If they stopped taking it, there could be a detoxification period even though it is said that marijuana is not an addictive, but it could still be a habit, whether they stay with their habit is none of our business.

Relax weed smoke
Relax weed smoke

There are a lot of questions regarding that situation that we don’t know the answers to:

  1. Is their medicinal marijuana only for pain release?
  2. Or emotional release?
  3. Or even for recreation purposes?
  4. Is the medical use just a pretense?

What we don’t know: Is it affecting their job? Are they working? Are they able to work while they’re on the medicinal marijuana? Do they seem to function normally? Do they want to quit their medicinal marijuana?

Desmond: They seem to function just fine and they do not want to quit. In the state that I live in (Washington) it’s legal to buy recreational marijuana.

TV: So why would you want them to quit their medical marijuana?

Desmond:  I’m wondering if it would interfere with the energy flow?

TV: The answer is no. You are the Reiki Master and you’re flowing that God energy through you just as if you were a pipe.

Reiki hands of light
Reiki hands of light

Desmond:  I’d rather them not be high while I was giving a Reiki treatment.

TV: You might ask them to not use it before the treatment. Would you try that? What do you think?

Desmond:  Well, yes. I think if anything inhibits their senses then it would make them less receptive to any kind of energy that you’re trying to flow through them, but that’s just my personal opinion.  I mean I still do the treatments anyway, but I think the energy work would be far more effective if I could get them clean and that’s just my own personal opinion. I don’t know if there’s any science or data to back that up.

Reiki Master symbol
Reiki Master symbol

TV: You might do some experiments with them to see if the MJ enhanced the Reiki treatment or took away from the effectiveness of a Reiki treatment. Ask them not to use marijuana on the day that they signed up for their Reiki treatment and see how they feel. Of course, you can muscle test the effectiveness of your treatment on a scale of 1 to 10 silently using their arm. This is also called kinesiology and was invented in the late 1930’s by a chiropractor to see if he had done their adjustment correctly. The muscle testing would say “yes” if the adjustment was done properly and/or it would say  “no” (not finished) if another adjustment was still needed.

Desmond: When you think about it that way, I think it’s worth a try. What I was hoping was that I would go to the mountain for wisdom and you are giving me homework. Well, that’s the life I live.

TV: We all know that Reiki takes pain away and once the cause of the pain is gone the pain is also gone. It may never come back. So what if Reiki takes the root cause of the pain away then the client doesn’t really need a drug as a crutch to lean on.

TV: What most people are really looking for is a meaning to life. They’re looking for some peace of mind to get away from the chaos. They’re being mentally fed all these media stories that take away their peace, and only serve the party line. Reiki works by improving a person’s connection with their source energy and they respond instantly with more peace and harmony in their lives.

TV: When you think about it, that’s the bottom line of what people are looking for, if that were the case then it would eliminate the need to use marijuana medicinally and then it just becomes a recreational thing and they have to come to terms with that.

TV: I’ve been a Reiki Master myself since 1991. I’ve worked with Reiki at many levels. It’s not something where you just take a course and then forget about it. The ideal is to cultivate your relationship with the universe and you keep clearing your own energy so you can better help yourself and others. My personal idea about marijuana is that I tried it and I did not like the way it made me feel. It made me feel less than 100%. It really made me feel so stupid. I couldn’t wait until the seemingly mental fog wore off.  Once you take a cannabis oil capsule it takes a couple hours for it to kick in and then another couple hours to leave your system. I felt that I had to be really, really careful that I didn’t do something stupid in the house, like start cooking on the stove and then wander out and do something else and set the house on fire.  So I did not like the way I felt. I felt out of control. I didn’t feel relaxed. I actually felt a little worried about my mental situation so I don’t think I need medical marijuana to relax or even recreational marijuana to get high.

TV: I’m not here to put marijuana down because it doesn’t give me good feelings. I understand from my interactions some of my friends are very happy with it; it gives them something they cannot find elsewhere and consider it to be beneficial for them.

Well, Desmond, have I answered your question?

Desmond: Yes, I think there’s different strokes for different folks, and I think that probably one-on-one experimentation is the best way to approach it because everyone is different.

Well, that’s a wrap.


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One thought on “Will Smoking Marijuana Effect A Reiki Treatment?

  1. it is a FACT that marijuana KILLS cancer cells. Let that soak in. the gov’t certainly has taken a lot of time and energy to keep people from knowing that fact. it WORKS and that means less money for their system.
    I find that mj, used both medicinally and recreationally helps me in many ways. even opens me up to universal energy MORE at times. makes my pain better other times so i can function throughout my day. different types have different affects and i always test a new strain out when i have nothing else to do so i can know the effects without unintended negative consequences. there is certainly a case to be made for moderation and responsibility with all things we ingest. know yourself. also, i think having open communication with people you are treating is the best way to approach the subject. It shows respect. peace!

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