Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

First of all, before you continue to read this text, you should ask yourself, are you a believer? Are you closed or open-minded? If you are an open-minded person, you may find the following things interesting.

spiritual gifts

In today’s modern world everything is changing. From technology, education, to religion. Religion is now more about its rules. Religion, in that old conventional sense still is, but today we witness something called syncretism. That means that modern man can make his personal religion by picking up everything he likes from the existing religions and ignoring what he does not like. Pick and choose what works for you.

People who are believers in that sense don’t have any fear of their God or a higher force. Quite opposite, they can live their life in the way they want to, and finally, they’re not afraid to admit they have some spiritual gifts. But, to be specific, people who are traditional religion believers also have the tendency to have some spiritual gifts, but they don’t have the freedom to admit that.

Let’s talk about those spiritual gifts.

One of the gifts is undoubtedly present in every human, male of female, in every believer. That gift is a possibility of communicating with angels. The problem is just that we are not aware of that. You can communicate with angels whenever you want. They are always near you, but the time that we are closest to them is the time that we see matching number sets. For example, when you look at your clock and see 23:23 when you go to Facebook messenger and see that somebody sent you a message at 10:10.

The more often you see numbers like this, you should know that the angels are very, very close to you and at that time you have the ability, or we could say the gift, to ask them to guide you in life, in some particular situation or whatever may be your interest.

If you are interested in improving this gift of yours, we suggest that you go online and search for angel numbers and their meanings. We’re sure that you’ll get the whole picture clearer.

Another spiritual gift is definitely the ability of communicating with the souls of the people who are no longer present on this planet. They have left the physical, but you can talk to them and they have much to say. These days, with the advent of new religious points of view, more people are admitting that they have this gift.

But, let’s clear something’s up here- this is not as frequent as the talking-to-angels gift.

The gift that becomes more frequent today than, let’s say, ten years ago, definitely is the ability to create your future in the way you can only imagine- literally! With the advent of something called The Law of Attraction, you can use your spirit, your energy, imagination, emotions and everything God gave you to paint a perfect picture of your life. You can attract everything you want using some tools:

  • Muscle Testing* – to communicate with angles and those who have passed on (while waiting for your gifts to emerge)
  • Meditation – quiet the mind
  • Visualization – see your desired goal as if you already have it
  • Emotional control by not thinking of negative thoughts
  • A bunch of other things but the most important aspect here surely is your inner being. Your energy and your emotions are the things that attract, and they are working 24/7 whether you choose to use this spiritual gift or not.

Have you ever had a Spiritual gift? Did you use it?

* To learn about muscle testing, get the book Power vs. Force by Dr. David Hawkins (over 30 years proof of the concept).


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