Psychic Confidential True Story

Psychic Confidential True Story

I have a healthy respect for the creepy work

Feed my cats, let my dog out, kiss my husband and send him off to work.  The tranquil stillness of a new dawn is my favorite time of the day.  This is when I as a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium am most receptive to spirit connection.  I slowly sink down onto the recliner in my living room and wonder if I will be able to finish my first cup of coffee while it is still hot.  It is at this time the spirits on any given day will let me know that they are ready to make a connection.

“It scared the crap out of me!”

spiritual connection
spiritual connection

Through my experiences and travels across the veil, I have seen things that would make most run in fear, but failing to complete a mission the universe has asked me to participate in is simply not an option.  After all, believe it or not, one or more person’s immortal soul is usually at risk.  There are, however a few incidences that remain prevalent in my mind, in other words, I was frightened to the core.  Well, let us see, most accurately describing my encounter would be, “It scared the crap out of me!”  The incidence I am about to describe to you was during a rescue mission.  Across the veil, I traveled, to help a group of souls believed buried in a mass grave.  My mission was to bridge the gap from the negative energy that surrounded and bound these lost souls, into the loving hands of Angels and family in spirit that could not lower their vibration enough to reach them.

It was to a beach on this particular morning I found myself.

A man holding a small rectangular flag on the top of a long pole stood waiting for me.  He stood at the edge of a three-foot diameter black hole in the sand.  “Down there”, he said pointing at the hole.  “You are going down there, but you are taking someone with you”.  A young boy around the age of twelve suddenly appeared by my side.  The boy was visibly frightened, yet he also knew that to complete this task was something he must do.  Here is what I knew; I was to jump into a black hole with a young boy holding onto me.  How far down, what was at the bottom?  Those questions would be answered when I took that step into the black hole.  As I noticed a crowd of men, women and children gather around us, the feeling of haste overtook me.  I knew we had a short window of opportunity and needed to step into the hole.  “Don’t be frightened”, I told the boy as I reached out for him and pulled him in.  “Hang on, I won’t leave you”, I said as I took that initial step off the ledge of the sand and into the black hole.

jumping into black hole
jumping into black hole

Down, down, down we fell.

Darkness surrounded us until finally we landed softly.  We land but have not reached the bottom, I would say we are ten feet from the dirt floor of a small room, like a root cellar.  Moreover, it was dark.  The young boy, struggling to control his fear said, “Hurry, we must hurry before he comes”. “Gulp, huh, what, before who comes?”  I asked him.  Then as the boy’s grip tightened around my waist he said, “He’s coming!”

I could feel a presence, a dark presence coming toward us from the darkness.

My heartbeat raced instantly, I felt my heart beating in my throat.  While a feeling of panic swept over me, I pulled out a white sheet from the binds that secured it to my back.  A few weeks earlier a loving spirit had given me this sheet as a gift.  At the time, I did not understand what it was for or what I was to do with it.  I, at this moment was grateful beyond measure to have that white sheet strapped to my back.  I flung that sheet open and draped it over the boy and myself.  Had it not been for a dim light casting off the interior of the sheet, the boy and I would not have been able to see one another in the darkness that surrounded us.  My breathing became rapid and labored due to my heart pounding at what felt like a million beats a minute.

magical spiritual cloak
magical spiritual cloak used to protect us

I could not only see the shadow of that thing that was out there drawing nearer to us, but I could hear it breathing.  It was aware of our presence; it knew we were under the sheet.  I could see its shape just beyond the thin veil that hid the boy and me.  Clinging onto the boy, I tried desperately to control my rapidly labored breathing.  I watched as this thing slowly circled around the sheet.  Wanting to scream out in fright, the boy and I desperately maintained silence waiting for it to go away.

Creepy horror hands try to grab me
Creepy horror hands try to grab me

It was then the unimaginable, unthinkable, most horrifying experience took place.

That thing touched me.  Whatever that dark entity was it had the power and the strength to reached out and touch me, I felt it, physically.  I, sitting in my recliner in my living room, physically felt that thing poke me in my side.  Words cannot adequately relay how creeped out I was.  Then, as if the dark entity was aware the boy and I had the protection of the universe surrounding us, it slowly walked away.  “He’s gone”, the boy stated.  I thanked God, the universe and slowly pulled the white sheet away from us.  I gently folded it and strapped it to my back for future use.  I knew then why I had received the white sheet.  Thank heavens I keep every gift offered to me in the spirit world, because, well, I just never know when I might need it no matter how odd I think it is.

Saving the children from the dark prison in the underworld

Children, about a dozen or so, in the small dark room below us began reaching out for the boy and me.  We, as quickly as we could, took hold of each hand and helped the children from below to the platform we stood on.  One by one each loving spirit, was pulled out of the hole and up onto the brightly lit beach.  Once on the sand the loving spirits we had just rescued from the dark room fell into the arms of family and friends who had gathered around the deep, black hole to receive their loved ones.  Those are just some of the types of tasks I and many other Clairvoyant Psychic Mediums perform in service of the universe.

GALE STEIN, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium


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