Positive Affirmations for Pain Relief

Positive Affirmations for Pain Relief

To get the best results from these healing affirmations. Place your body in a comfortable position, relax as best you can and put yourself in a meditative state of mind. Select the affirmation that appeals to you the most, close your eyes and repeat the phrase (affirmation) aloud.

Using your imagination, see the vibrations of the words in your throat. After imagining that you can see the vibration (you may see a wavelength or a color associated with the vibration of the words as you speak them), imagine them moving from your throat to the location of your heart.

Following a few iterations of the healing affirmations vibrating in the area of your heart, allow your heart to pump the vibrations following all your blood vessels throughout your body. Repeat this process until you feel congruent with the phrase.

If you are still experiencing pain, repeat the affirmation process with another affirmation that you think might offer you some relief. After a round of healing affirming with the second affirmation, you can return to the original one, or alternatively use a new affirmation that resonates with you.

positive affirmations for pain relief affirmations

35 Chronic Pain Healing Affirmations

1. Today I feel calm, and peaceful
2. My faith in myself is my anchor through all my troubles
3. I accept my life as it is
4. I change what I can and accept the rest
5. I am thankful for all the good in my life
6. I am stronger than my pain
7. Life’s challenges cannot defeat me, I am strong and resilient
8. My pain can never defeat me
9. I have the power to heal
10. My body is a healing force
11. I am a powerful being
12. My will to thrive is stronger than my illness
13. Illness will not define me
14. Tomorrow, I will wake up a stronger person
15. I deserve to enjoy my life
16. I enrich the lives of those around me
17. My pain does not control my quality of life. I control my pain.
18. My body is strong. My body is reliable.
19. I trust my body
20. I embrace my body, my pain is a part of me, but it does not define me.
21. I am alive, I am feeling and I accept the good
22. My body is powerful
23. Today I am thankful and still of mind
24. Only I can control my perception
25. The power to heal exists within me
26. I breathe energy into myself
27. My thoughts feed my soul and I choose to nourish myself with positivity
28. I love living in my body
29. My loved ones value my presence
30. I attract positivity into my life
31. I grow stronger every day
32. Good health grows within me
33. Everything I do impacts my health in a positive way
34. I am active and unrestricted by my pain
35. I control my fate, I am where I’m meant to be

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