Is Money Good or Bad?

Is Money Good or Bad?

At its core, is money good or bad? This is a question I ran into and was forced to face about seven years ago. Up until that point, I’d had a lot of money, I’d spent a lot of money, and I’d thought life was all about having material things. Then one day I looked back and realized that money had brought me a lot of pain and problems in my life. So I decided to blame the money for all the pain and problems. I picked the easy way out: blaming something else instead of myself.

Is money good or bad alternative resources directory newsThe reason I bring this up is because this weekend I was talking to a young man who’s on a spiritual journey to enlighten himself, his wife, his three beautiful daughters, and ultimately the whole world. He was working on a raised organic garden bed at the Reiki Ranch in trade for classes to learn “Laser Reiki” healing.

In talking to him, as with other people in the past, the same question of money came up. This man told me that he doesn’t want to work in a job. He doesn’t want to make money. Somehow he feels that money is bad and that he cannot go on in his spiritual journey with a job/money.

I too was once in this same way of thinking; I didn’t even want to hear the word money. Although money would have undoubtedly helped me—I have no family, so I was on my own in trying to provide for myself—I believed it would cause me to be distracted from bettering myself and changing the things in my life I’d wanted to change for years. And the thought of going out and getting a job, which I knew would take time from my meditations, learning, and classes, worried me. Money would interfere with what I was trying to accomplish in gaining total freedom.

Now, however, what I’ve come to realize and what I told this young man is that a total change in one’s opinion of money is what is necessary.

For me, this certainly was not an easy thing to accomplish. I eventually reached the point at which I understood that I had to approach money with the mindset of a skilled worker. A mechanic, for example, needs tools to do the highest quality work. Tools also make his life and work easier by helping him finish the projects he is working on more efficiently. The satisfaction he receives in being able to do that project easily and completely can bring happiness, joy, and knowledge into his life.

Money too is a tool. It’s not inherently bad, and it’s not the ultimate prize of work. Rather, the greatest prize of work is the satisfaction one gains from finishing a task and creating something beautiful, which is what I want to do for myself. The difference is, though, that I want to go to work and create within myself so that my accomplishments will radiate outside of myself. I found that to do this, I need to have the freedom to gain knowledge. The way I do this is to go to seminars, sign up for webinars, purchase books, and travel.

As a tool, money will help me accomplish the final goal I have set for myself and my life.

I found that there are ways of making money that do not interfere with the time I need to accomplish my goal and ultimately landed on Internet marketing. Within three years of operating my own businesses, I have created enough tools (money) needed to allow me to do anything I need at any time. I no longer see money as a problem in my life today. It is just a tool that gives me more freedom. I want you to remember something: if one person can do it, anyone can do it!

Note: Author prefers to be anonymous. He was homeless with nothing just 6 years ago and now he has asked /answered these questions about money and abundance.  As a result of changing his mind-set about money he has a home and a home business. He’s a good one to listen to.

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