EFT Tapping for Emotion Freedom: The Other 75 Percent!

EFT Tapping for Emotion Freedom: The Other 75 Percent!

If you are familiar with EFT aka tapping (www.emofree.com), you probably know about the first 25% of it’s amazing power for healing, but there is more, MUCH more.

  • Have you ever tapped to empower your imagination?
  • Ever tapped and got insights?
  • Did you know that you can tap to directly manifest the insights that you want?
  • Have you ever tapped to send a difficult or blocked communication to someone without talking to them?
  • Have you ever tapped to manifest circumstances or objects that you want?
  • Have you ever tapped to improve your skills and or tapping processes?
  • Have you ever tapped to manifest empowered intuition? Our little group has done all of these successfully and much more!

Gary Craig EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques emofree com


Gary Craig, in addition to giving all of us the wonderful gift of EFT, made a very simple, but profound statement long ago in regards to EFT. He said simply “Try It On Everything!” Do we really do that? NO!!!! From what I’ve seen most people try it on a few things inside the therapy box and never venture outside that box.

Many years ago when I was gaining some mastery of EFT, I asked myself “Where are the limits of EFT?” For several days, I was in a quandary.

Then I got it, the limits were in our imaginations! We are not imagining all that we can use it for. So I tapped to empower my imagination. Six hours later I got a fantastic idea for tapping and then another and another. I got a landslide of really great ideas! That landslide transformed how I looked at and thought about tapping. Tapping to empower my imagination, was probably THE most important couple of minutes of tapping that I’ve ever done! All kinds of WONDERFUL uses were triggered by that tapping!

What has come out of that landslide of ideas? A whole bunch of wonderful ways to use tapping. Here are some highlights.

Tapping for insights:

Tapping for insights is maybe the simplest and most profound. Here’s a simple example. A woman called me up to tell me about her nightmare that was bothering her. She’d been trying to figure it out all day with no luck. As we are getting off the phone I tell her what to tap for. It was something like; “Even though I don’t understand my nightmare, I send myself the insights that I need to understand it.” Two minutes later, she called me back all excited, to tell me that she understands it now. It was a warning and she knows exactly what to do to avoid the problem. This is rather typical when tapping for insights.

Tapping to manifest:

EFT tapping for emotional freedom
EFT tapping for emotional freedom

Did you know that you can use tapping to manifest circumstances, opportunities and things in your life? One month I tapped to manifest a nice computer screen and an ozone generator (probably more, but I don’t remember). I only tapped one round (about one minute) for each item. Within a week or so of tapping for these things, they were given to me “out of the blue”. I’ve done this sort of tapping many times. It’s important to start small.

Group tapping to manifest:

I was having some trouble getting results by tapping on my own issues by myself. So, I tapped for insights on how to handle the problem.

What came to me was to form a group where we all tap together for each other.

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