DIY Spa Gift Basket

DIY Spa Gift Basket

If you are having trouble picking just one type of gift to make this holiday season, why not put together a gift basket? For someone who needs a little pampering, a spa gift basket is perfect. You can also incorporate essential oils into this type of basket.

Decide on the Theme for the Basket

While making a spa gift basket on its own is a theme, there are many other directions you can take here. If it is a holiday gift, you might want to have all Christmas or winter-themed items, like peppermint salt scrubs and vanilla spiced candles. You can go the traditional direction with basic spa and pampering items like bath salts and bath bombs, or include more items for beauty like face masks and body scrubs. There are so many ways to incorporate your own personal touch with a spa gift basket.

Include Your Essential Oils

If you are making a spa gift basket, you probably want aromatherapy to be a major component. For aromatherapy, you should have pure essential oils that the recipient can use for various purposes, and really benefit from them on an emotional and physical level. There are many options here, from selecting just a couple popular scents like vanilla and lavender, going with more seasonal scents like nutmeg, cinnamon, and fir, or choosing blends that encompass both.

Add in the Other Items

There are plenty of other items you can include in a spa-themed gift basket for the holidays. This will depend on the overall theme, such as if you are going with traditional scents or the seasonal scents. To start with, you might want to add in some carrier oils if you are using essential oils in the basket, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. The next thing you can do is decide how they will use these oils. If it is for a luxurious bath, include some bath items like a bath billow, bath salts, sponge or loofah, and some different types of soap or body wash.

You can then include additional items that will help them pamper themselves during a bath, like a CD with light, relaxing music, a few candles, and some bubble bath. For a larger spa gift basket, consider getting a small essential oil diffuser they can use in the bathroom on the counter while taking their bath. This is a great use of the oils that doesn’t require any carrier oils.

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