Bacteria Infections and Symptoms

Bacteria Infections and Symptoms

What are Bacteria?

They are microorganisms.

What are microorganisms?

They are small organisms not visible to the naked eye, which indicates they are made up of one cell. These “uni-cellular” organisms are alive, they multiply and from clusters or colonies in any weak area of the human body.

bacteria infections and symptoms

There are basically three types of microorganisms that cause sicknesses in humans:

  • bacteria

  • viruses

  • molds (or fungi)

So these bacteria form groups, colonies, and clusters: and because they are anti- health, they are said to be the cause of various infections. It is to our advantage that not all bacteria are harmful to human life. Not all of the infestation of bacteria cause sickness to the body.

The bad bacteria, when they multiply forming colonies in an organ, it causes inflammation and damage to the area. The organ is then said to be malfunctioning. The main problem is that these bacteria reproduce quickly in your body under favorable conditions. There are several varieties or bacteria that flourish well in the weaker parts of the body. Luckily the number of harmful microorganisms in the human body is a small number: less that 1%.

The causes of these bacterial infections are not known and how they can affect people in all areas of life is nevertheless a mystery.

Eating the American diet may cause a weakness because the so-called food is has been boxed (over-processed), is packed full of chemicals and the food is dead to life force energy.

Thanks to medical science, there are antibacterial treatments for bacterial infections. Although some bacteria have developed into super bacteria and antibiotics will not work against them. These superbugs may be immune to antibacterial therapies, but they are not resistant to the chlorine dioxide treatments.

Bу taking these treatments at right times, you can be sure that you stay healthy and be safe.

You may have chills and fever and you know something is attacking your immune system. You feel sick, but do you think that your situation is severe?

You may have to go to a doctor to receive treatment for the infection. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. You dоn’t need to be afraid of bacterial infections. What steps could you take avoid the bacteria from spreading to another? Washing your hands is helpful is stopping the spread of disease.

Sickness symptoms change with the different types of infections. What part of the body is affected?

The symptoms may vary depending on the infected area. Still, you may endure symptoms when the body is infected even lightly.

When infections are found in different parts of the body?

Let talk about a bacterial infection in the respiratory tract, and you may find indications related to nose, throat and lung problems. Throat and breathing infection are very common in persons living in areas of high pollution. A very common disease in children and seniors is Pneumonia because their natural immune system may be weaker than usual.

A couple of traditional bacterial infections are Sinusitis and pharyngitis where those who suffer have a thick nasal discharge and headaches. These are commonly experienced when bacterial infections are found in the respiratory tract.

When problems are present in the digestive tract, symptoms are mostly related to digestion problems. Inflammation and pain in the stomach are frequently experienced when these dangerous bacteria are present. Vomiting, cramps, and Diarrhea are symptoms that show there are infections in the gastrointestinal tract. Other bacterial infection signs include dehydration and Nausea. When the harmful bacteria infect the stomach lining, peptic ulcers, the leaky gut syndrome may also be caused.

If there is a fishy or foul smell in the vaginal area is a symptom of virginal bacterial infection. In women, the vagina has several types of bacteria that do well for the system.

However, if the production of this kind of smelly bacteria, it gets out of hand, it may lead to infection. Also, if there are itching and irritation in the vagina, there may be a yeast infection (fungus).

If a person has pain the in urinary tract (Kidney area) Bacterial infection symptoms for sickness, include Vaginal infection and infections in the urinary tract. They should not be ignored as they may cause further irritation, inflammation in the kidneys and could spread to other internal organs.

Meningitis is a severe consequence of bacterial infections in the membranes that cover the brain and spinal chord. This condition usually starts with an itching in the chest area. A Meningitis infection can be found in adults also, but infants are more susceptible to this problem. With me, it began as a burning upper neck/lower brain ache on the right side. Then the next day the pain went to both sides of my lower brain and upper neck.

Do you have stiffness in body and neck, headache, irritability? Could it be a bacterial infection symptoms for meningitis? Do you have a fever or lower than average temperature, lethargy and skin rashes?

Might you have Meningitis? Once these Meningitis symptoms are recognized, you should see a doctor immediately for a medical examination. If this type of bacterial disease symptoms is ignored, it may prove to be fatal in infants and lead to permeate neurological damage in the neck and lower brain area for all.

When I found that I did have Meningitis I took the water purifier solution (MMS) with the MMS Protocol 1000 for four days and got over it. I then had to go to a chiropractor to have my neck unstuck. My neck had frozen from the pain and inflammation, and I was personally unable to move it. After several trips to the chiropractor, I was back to normal again.

What is the superinfection called Sepsis?

It is not well known, difficult to designate the source of the problem, not easy to diagnose, and attend. It is the body’s devastating and life-threatening answer to a large bacterial infestation which can lead to internal damage, liver, and another organ failure, and even to death.

Patients who develop sepsis have a heightened risk of difficulties that could take their life away. It is responsible for longer hospitalization, treatment, and more expensive healthcare costs.

CDC is working to increase sepsis awareness and improve treatment among the public, healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities.

A simple bacterial infection when not treated could lead to sepsis, a life threatening or death condition. This massive congestion of bacteria could cause a malfunctioning of the primary internal organs and even cause death.

Heavy shaking and Fever in the body are signs of the bacterial infections and also symptoms of sepsis.

As with any bacterial infection, joint aches, pains are experienced by patients with sepsis. Sepsis has to be treated immediately to stop the disease from spreading to all the internal organs.

A not so well-known solution (treatment) that has no harmful side effects that I would take is to read Jim Humble’s book on MMS and take the Chlorine Dioxide diluted solution every hour for a week or two.

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