MD’s Die Before Couch Potatoes!

MD’s Die Before Couch Potatoes!

Is your medical doctor a person you can look up to?

Does your doctor care for your health and longevity? Does he/she spend time helping you choose the nutritional diet to rebuild your body?

What  if couch potatoes outlived your doctor?  Is this MD a person that could guide you to live a longer lifespan?

Is this somebody to guide you  where you follow their advice in order to live a long and healthy life?

No! …and why do medical doctors live shorter lives than average?

Do doctors really die earlier than their patients?

 Statistics show that medical doctors have shorter lives than the average couch potato.

Many MDs take their own medication and pay little attention to nutritional supplements.  They have been taught to avoid nutritional supplements because they were told, “It only gives you expensive pee.” Many of them get addicted to  their own medications especially during their work hours.  The following are typical examples of early deaths by doctors specializing in heart disease.

  • Heart surgeon dies of heart attack while exercising. Lawrence R. McBride, M.D., 61, former professor of surgery and a 1975 graduate of Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine, died on Nov. 24, 2010.  His friends and colleagues were stunned when he died from sudden cardiac arrest — a heart attack! ( A naturopathic doctor would tell him to avoid fried foods and avoid polyunsaturated fatty acids. By having a heart disease it’s more than likely that the trace mineral selenium is missing.
  • Behind the scenes Edit. Several Doctor have suffered from heart attacks: Patrick Troughton, MD had three major heart attacks, in 1978, 1984, and 1987. He died from the last one. Dr. Ian Marter died of a heart attack in 1986. Dr. Jon Pertwee died of a heart attack in 1996. Richard Hurndall, MD died of a heart attack in 1984. ( it was suggested to increase the selenium intake to 1000 mcg/day and the vitamin E to 1200 – 2000 IU/day and take 5 – 10 alfalfa tablets with each meal in addition to the baseline nutritional program of Youngevity Healthy Body Pack)
  • Death of weight loss Doctor Robert C Atkins from supposed slip and fall in 2003 has prompted scores of questions about his health; those representing Atkins scramble to answer allegations that he had history of several heart attack and was overweight.
  • Dr. Lum, 49, died of cardiac arrest Saturday while taking part in the Canadian Ski Marathon. (  These people with a heart condition shows a selenium deficiency where they might have avoided death by taking the trace mineral selenium.)


It is sad to report that doctors die earlier than average Americans

Dr. Wallach, a Veterinarian and also a Naturopathic Doctor says that the MDs do not live as long as junk food eaters and couch potatoes.

Why is that? He states that doctors will live into the low 60s because they are not taught the health benefits of clinical nutrition in medical school. To put more shame on the doctors, Dr. Wallach says that average  lifespan of  the American people  is 75.5 years —  that is a good 10 years longer than average doctors live.

Why should we look up to doctors as if they were emperors when it comes to medicine? Dead Doctors Don’t Lie is the title of this amazing eye-opening book by Dr Joel Wallach,

Dr. Wallach further states that if doctors knew what they were talking about when it came to health and longevity they would be living longer than the average American.

Which is not true: they are dying earlier.

You would think that doctors of all people who are in charge of the health of the American public would live longer not – 10 years shorter than an average person. You might think that doctors, because of their many years of education and access to nutritional health supplements would live longer than anyone. Statistics prove that doctors themselves fail to perform in the field of longevity.

Why do doctors perform so poorly in the field of natural health, nutrition and longevity? In their medical school which is funded by big Pharma they learn how to be great drug salesman and women. In fact the United States is ranked only 37th in the world for the health and well-being of its people according to the World Health Organization.

There are some healthcare debates going on comparing the case of Canadian healthcare versus American.  According to statistics from the world health organization who ranks all the countries from the best to the worst healthcare services. The Canadian healthcare services ranks 30th and the United States ranks 37th in  World healthcare surveys. You would think the US would be higher ranking according to the amount of money spent on medication?

 American trained MD doctors are taught that you can poison a person back into health using the medical science of drugs. Medical doctors receive only a few minutes to 2 hours of nutritional training during their medical schooling. The medical schools are funded by the huge pharmaceutical corporations whereby they take liberty in shaping the training of the medical doctors. It is to the advantage of big Pharma to  teach MD students to manage illness rather than to try and stop it.  In other words it is to their advantage to produce drug salespeople instead of training nutritional health and wellness professionals. There are trillions of dollars in selling drugs and very little money in helping their patients stay healthy.

What Is the Secret To Longevity?

The health message is universal. You cannot get everything you need from your four basic food groups because grain, vegetables, fruits, and nuts cannot manufacture minerals.  You cannot get the necessary minerals and vitamins from the four basic food groups.  If those minerals are not in the soil the plants cannot process them and add them to your food. Without the 60 necessary minerals our physical bodies begin to break down and disease comes upon us.

Farm animals rarely get sick. Dr. Wallach says his message has been the same from the very beginning. “I was a veterinarian and physician, and I was able to treat human disease with veterinary nutritional formulas. You cannot get the minerals and trace minerals that you need from food because the plants cannot make minerals and there are a few, if any, nutritional minerals left in the field where our food is grown years after years after hundreds of years. You have to supplement the human body with vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals if you want it to be healthy and if you want to reverse some diseases and if you want to live to be  Healthy for 120 years or more.”

Plants CAN make vitamins, amino acids/proteins and oils from sunlight and carbon dioxide via photosynthesis. Plants use this same process to make carbohydrates and sugars. But, Plants Cannot make Minerals out of thin air or from mineral deficient soil.   The farmer first must put the 60-72 minerals into the soil instead of just adding three minerals which make the plants grow but do not give the end user the 60+  plant derived minerals we need.  The farm soil must contain all the minerals (the rock dust, etc.)   or the plants will not deliver the colloidal minerals our bodies need to recover from disease and live a long happy life.

We MUST Supplement our diets with MINERALS. This Is the secret to longevity.

For each mineral deficiency there are, on average, 10 diseases – learn about it.

Why You Need Plant Derived Minerals Nutrition Is Explained in this article.
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The Importance of Taking Plant Based Trace Minerals As Dr. Joel D. Wallach Recommends

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