Why is Massage So Good for You?

Why is Massage So Good for You?

Physical Benefits of Massage

For a lot of people, the world of massage is seen simply as a luxury, or a lavish treat for their senses. While this could be seen as true, many people also know that it is quite a bit more than that. Massage offers a wide range of positive effects that can stimulate not only the body but also the mind. This article will be sharing just a few of the most important benefits of massage.

Improves Circulatory Health

Massage is an excellent way to contribute to your health by improving circulation. This is especially true of the lymph system which is located near the surface of the skin.

Massage helps manipulate the lymph, making it easier to carry poisons to the node to be removed. These help you to cleanse your entire system of toxins and dead cells that can build up and cause a multitude of ailments that can appear to be difficult to treat.

Can Help Alleviate Muscle Pain

A buildup of toxins can lead to pain in your extremities and muscles. Massage can help aid your body in the removal of the toxins by aiding in carrying them to disposal sites in lymph. It also helps alleviate pain by stimulating the body to release endorphins. These endorphins increase the boosts that body’s ability to deal with pain and allow you to relax.

Alleviates Stress

Massage is well known as a trigger for relaxation and reduced stress. When your body is able to more efficiently get rid of poisons that build up in your system due to pollution, food, and medications, you are far more equipped to heal your body during rest periods. It also comes from a reduced production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Promotes Flexibility and Fights Inflammation

One of the most important functions of massage is its ability to promote flexibility in the body and the limbs. Ease of movement can help to protect you from all sorts of sprains and stress related injuries. It also helps to greatly reduce inflammation in joints and muscles. This means that it is good at treating ailments like arthritis, and tendinitis without using expensive medications to mask symptoms.

You Will Sleep Better

When all of these different factors come together, your body will be able to reach its natural resting state in a much more natural way. When your body is more balanced, it’s easier to get restful sleep, breath more properly, and maintain a healthy heart rhythm.  Massage will make you sleep better!

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