What is Ayurvedic Massage

What is Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is thought to be one of the oldest and most practiced forms of natural healing in the world that incorporates a use of aromatic oils. This 3000-year-old method began in India, and it is aimed towards helping you to achieve greater inner peace by cleansing the mind body and spirit. This technique is heavily practiced today, and many people find it to be highly effective. This article will be discussing some of Ayurvedic Massage’s benefits.

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

Conventional Benefits

Ayurvedic Massage manipulates your circulatory system, which improves blood and lymph flow. This helps to purify the circulatory system by pushing dead cells, toxins and other agents to nodes that clean the system. Your health is improved when the impurities are excreted from the body through pores, sweat glands and urine. It even improves neuromuscular health.


This ancient massage technique employs a concise and specific use of aromatic oils for emotional well-being, improved alertness, stress relief, and variety of other mental and physical benefits. This is achieved by aligning the scents to elicit positive feelings related to an idea or positive memory while taking their current physical state in mind. For example, cinnamon might be good for someone who is lethargic and wants to be alert, but it might not be good for someone with skin inflammation. Smell is one of the primary pathways to stimulation of the limbic system of the brain. This allows the therapist to be able to draw emotion by awakening memories, reducing depression and boosting the immune response.

Use of Music

The music that your Ayurvedic Massage practitioner decides upon, is intended to nurture a strong sense of calm and comfort. Greater relaxation loosens muscles and works with the massage to promote a greater flow physically, mentally and spiritually. The is primarily through the use of Ragas, which are melodies composed in a major key. There are 72 Ragas used in Ayurvedic Massage, which were created by aligning the melody with cosmic forces that aid and tie to specific conditions and ailments.


Due to the induction of the alpha brainwave state that takes place during your massage, the brain is more open and able to augment facets of emotional memory and attitude. This makes it a great time to affirm a positive outlook and encourage a healthy mindset. Multiple types of massage, yoga, and other alternative health disciplines employ the use of visualization, also known as positive affirmations to direct the mind and spirit to a more positive path.

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