Want to look like the strongest man from the Game of Thrones?

Want to look like the strongest man from the Game of Thrones?

Want to look like the strongest man from the Game of Thrones? No problem, just follow the instructions below, we will reveal his nutrition highlights for you.


When you were just a little child, you have probably read some fairy tales about some abnormally big and strong man and as the time passed by, you have become aware that that kind of huge man doesn’t exist in real life. Well, that’s not completely true. Just look at the Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, the guy that plays character of The Mountain in the hit TV show Game of Thrones. He is that Giant from the fairy tale. What do we eat in order to look like this? Nothing special, just daily meals that have 10,000 to 12,000 calories. Yes, you have read  correctly. Well, first you would need a large body structure to be able to be a huge and strong person like in the Game of Thrones .

Supplements Needed to Grow a Giant Body for the Game of Thrones


The first thing that he uses is BCAA or, to be more precise, branched chain amino acids. You have probably already heard about this because many people use this supplement in order to have big results in the gym in a short amount of time. But  you think that will the matter we already have it on your schedule so thank youyou should know that many scientists say that using this supplements has little effect on the human’s body. It’s more like using a natural high quality protein. What they also say is that there is also a positive side of using BCAA and that is that BCCA is useful in offsetting the soreness associated with muscle damage. If you have just started lifting weight, BCCA is sure going to help you reduce the severity of muscle soreness that inevitably occurs in the first few sessions at the gym. But you should also know that the effect is going to be small and a more cost effective alternative may be natural replacement and that could be a glass of milk or a glass of chocolate milk that you can drink after working out. It would limit markers of muscle damage. Also, that is the easiest way to put big amounts of calories in your body.  BCAAs may have even more constructive benefits than lessening the breakdown and enhanced protein synthesis. They have the capacity to help improve workout intensity!

Beside BCAA, the non-essential amino acid glutamine is the next thing that you have to use in order to be closer to the Mountain’s massive look.

game-of-thrones-the-mountainLooking at Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s Eating Program for Proteins

Many studies showed that ¾ lb of protein per meal is enough for the maximum stimulation of the muscle growth for an average adult. So, if you have the body like the strongest man, in this case, The Mountain, that means for a meal, you should put into your body almost 2 pounds of proteins three times a day. So if you want to have a body like his, you should have proteins in your everyday nutrition routine and you should have some kind of a meal every 3 hours and that would lead to larger muscle growth.

The Mountain also guzzles up to 30 cups of water day with at least 16 oz. being taken before a meal.

Building The Mountain Requires Fat in the Diet

People who desire to have the body like Bjornsson on a daily basis put a huge amount of fat in their nutrition routine. For example, he takes about 456g of fat or 1-pound.


What is very important surely is regular intake of high quality protein sources including handfuls of almonds. The main thing for making a nutrition strategy for people who are planning on becoming more like The Mountain, surely is finding the right amount of calories for a day, depending on the training style, training duration, etc.


Just to give you an idea of some of the foods Bjornsson takes every day but of course not all of them in one meal. Included during the day are some of these ingredients below – taken every three hours: a protein drink, one half dozen eggs, avocados, 1 pound salmon, beef, potatoes, greens, sweet potatoes, one half pound peanut butter, 5 1/2 ounces oats, frozen berries, handful almonds, blueberries and strawberries, cereal, 1/4 cup protein for smoothies, four slices 100% whole grain bread, vegetables – raw or cooked one bowl, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup oatmeal, chicken, fish, turkey – 2 pounds in each regular meal, whole-grain pasta 1 cup, skim milk 3 cups, 2 granola bars, lean meat 2 pounds a meal, egg whites plus one full egg, four servings pancakes, and 3 Scoops Blended Whey protein in smoothie after workout, etc.

Wow, even a tiny portion of these foods would pack on the weight and muscle when a person works out.






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