Vitamins and Minerals for Chronic Pain

Vitamins and Minerals for Chronic Pain

Vitamins and Minerals to Help With Chronic Pain

If you are struggling with chronic pain, you might not always want to load up on harsh pain killers, some of which are highly addictive. A better option is to look at the natural options available, such as taking supplements. There are a variety of supplements you can take to ease your chronic pain, include those listed here.


Believe it or not, taking a probiotic supplement every day can be extremely useful. Probiotics include good bacteria and yeast that are meant to help with digestion and bloating. This is great for digestion issues that might cause pain on a regular basis, such as in the cases of severely irritable bowel syndrome. Not only that, probiotics can also help reduce inflammation in your body, which also helps to reduce pain in other parts of your body. Probiotic supplements don’t cost a lot and have loads of health benefits, so it is good to add to your daily vitamin regimen.


Another supplement you may want to take for chronic pain is glucosamine. This is recommended if your pain is related to your joints, such as in the case of arthritis or a previous injury to your joints. Glucosamine is a type of amino sugar that helps with the cartilage and joints in your body. It is not uncommon to also get a glucosamine supplement that comes with chondroitin, which is going to help your joints move a little better, another problem for people with arthritis.

White Willow Bark

This is a supplement you may have never heard of, but it is actually a type of herb that occurs in nature. White willow bark is often referred to as nature’s aspirin, because it provides a lot of the same health benefits as aspirin, including relieving pain. While you can try it for any type of pain, white willow bark is going to work best if you have lower back pain from your occupation or conditions like sciatica, as well as for chronic headaches and migraines. White willow bark can be taken as a supplement capsule or in tea.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

While not really a vitamin or mineral, this is a good supplement to take if you have pain from inflammation, stiffness or even back pain from various conditions. Omega 3 fatty acids of course are in eggs, spinach, and fatty fish, but you can also just take a daily supplement of omega 3.

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