Transcendence Reiki Master Weekend – Port Orchard Washington 9/24-9/25

Transcendence Reiki Master Weekend – Port Orchard Washington 9/24-9/25

We are energy, just as everything around us is energy, and when we need to heal our auric and physical bodies, we do so by applying the right energy healing techniques or modalities to raise our vibration to correspond with the energy of well-being. The successful Energy Healer draws upon techniques and modalities to channel the appropriate energies to affect an exchange of frequencies to balance and heal the effected systems of the bodies.

leslie-energy-healerBut how do we know which energy healing technique or modality to employ? 

The Healer must learn the ancient art of energy healing and the various modalities available to successfully channel the energies.  They must understand that thoughts and other invisible threats cause or contribute to psychological and physical ailments. They must know how to take healing out of the realm of the physical and into the psychological and spiritual dimensions.  Above all, they must understand that high-vibrating positive energy promotes healing and low-vibrating negative energy hinders healing.

The ancient art of energy healing involves a complete system of healing. 

This system encompasses self-care, transformation and the manifestation of new possibilities in all areas of your life. At the core of this system is the transformation of your belief systems, programs, patterns, past experiences and lower emotional vibrations. Energetic Healing sessions are magical in nature because they are based on the laws and expression of energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics.

The ancient art of energy healing leads you on a pathway to transformation. It is the Quantum level communication between energies that transfers information during the transformation process, creating realities and accessing pathways and maps to uncover, acknowledge, and release a lifetime’s worth of repetitive cycles, ignorance, fear, denial, and karmic debt that have hindered your transformation and well-being. As a natural extension of changing your energy and frequencies, it is possible to observe changes instantly.

Energy healing balances and removes all obstructions that are rooted in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual state and subsequently manifest into physical form.  Through the ancient art of energy healing, the Healer learns to channel positive energy from the unified energy field and through their own energy field, transmit that energy to the patient, thus changing the patient’s own energy field. Energy flow through the body was mapped out long ago by ancient healers.  Chakra energy centers in the body are a classic example. Healers learn to feel the energy in a body to determine areas of imbalance, where some energy is overabundant and some is scarce which can lead to illnesses.  They clear the blocked energies that prevent free flow of energy in the body, allowing the body to heal itself.

Understanding these practices greatly increases the effectiveness of the healer.

Transcendence Reiki Energy Healing Levels I, II, and III are a terrific step to your personal healing and spiritual transformation journey.

Transcendence Reiki Level 1 is offered FREE OF CHARGE.  Level 2 is offered at $175 and Level 3 (Master level) is offered at $225.

This empowering class is the weekend of 9/24 and 9/25 from 9-4 at the Givens Community Center in Port Orchard Washington. To register for this transformation weekend click here  or email questions to:


With love and light on your journey – Chaldai Foundation LLC,  Tel. 360-876-6277

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