Stop Smoking Naturally

Stop Smoking Naturally

When one makes the decision to quit smoking it is a life-changing event. Though there are many benefits to quitting this habit, many people are afraid of the long journey that lies ahead. Stories of others who have quit smoking often include withdrawals, mood swings, and other unfortunate side effects. While these are daunting, they are a worthy price to pay for one’s return to health and wellness.

Everyone has heard the dangers of excessive smoking and what it can do to the body. For those who need a little extra help throughout their journey to kick the habit, there are ways to naturally quit smoking that are easier on the body and the mind.

Of course, the true strength lies in one’s resolve to stop this habit once and for all. With these natural remedies and a strong resolution, anyone can break the habit and remove tobacco from their lives forever.

Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Add Limes To Your Diet:

According to a study conducted by the Medical Association of Thailand, fresh limes and lime juice can effectively induce the cessation of smoking cravings. The non-toxic, naturally occurring and easily attainable lime is seen as an effective alternative to nicotine gum and comes with a number of other benefits.

As smokers normally have more acidic tissues than non-smokers, the alkalinizing effects of lime juice can restore bodily tissues to their natural state. Limes also contain an anti-infective agent which helps fight disease and boost the immune system against some of the most virulent diseases.


Hypnosis is often used as a complementary treatment to be used alongside other treatments such as nicotine patches or gum. This option is used to manipulate a tobacco user’s behavior to make smoking less desirable. It has been proven to be helpful for smoking cessation and is often used as an effective part of a treatment that targets the mind while other components target the body.


Mindfulness can be achieved a number of ways. This treatment is usually used to help individuals suffering from anxiety disorders and similar conditions stay calm in stressful situations. The goal of mindfulness is to help the individual get in touch with how they are feeling and alleviating anxiety, or in this case, the urge to smoke, through positive affirmations, mental focus, and self-reassurance. Mindfulness can also be paired with low-impact exercises that promote concentration and breathing exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.

Cayenne Pepper:

This hot and spicy pepper is perfect for stopping tobacco cravings in their tracks. Cayenne pepper actively stifles the respiratory system toward tobacco and other similar chemical irritants. By doing so, the pepper effectively eradicates any craving for cigarettes. For best results, the pepper should be taken daily. Add it to water to amplify its beneficial effects.

St. John’s Wort:

This natural remedy is usually used to treat depression but it has proven helpful in helping to quell cravings for cigarettes as well.

When paired with other non-smoking practices such as counseling, St. John’s Wort has proven to be effective for smoking cessation. This natural substance is meant to be soothing and to help increase serotonin levels in the brain.

Stop Smoking Naturally

These natural remedies are great for those who wish to quit smoking without the use of harsh chemicals or practices. While a difficult journey lies ahead, those who actively choose to stop smoking are choosing to help heal their body, make themselves stronger, and help them to live longer healthier lives. With these natural ways to quit smoking, individuals can kick the habit and look forward to brighter futures.


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