Soul Loss And Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss And Soul Retrieval

Is everyone depressed these days?

Eleven percent of the people in the United States who are 12 years old or older are regularly taking antidepressants. Is this your story About your life?  Could it be that these people have experienced a Soul loss? They are unhappy, depressed and have been prescribed antidepressant medication because they feel anxious about life. A higher percentage of women are in this group, and they also get hooked from their friends who might loan them a sample of a “happy pill”.

Have depressed people experienced a Soul loss?

How do you comprehend when you have a soul loss? You feel a little fragmented around the edges, not too happy about anything, not feeling loved and not able to give love as you should, a memory may be blocked, you are feeling depressed, tired and listless.

Soul Retrieval

How can one tell if you’ve had a soul loss?


Have I lost my entire soul or does it get fractured and I lose pieces of my soul?

  1. Do you feel whole and complete? Yes ______  or no _____
  2. You feel that you are the wrong gender? Yes ______ or no _____
  3. have you suffered a bitter divorce? Yes ______ or no _____
  4. Have you had a horrible car accident? Yes ______ or no _____
  5. Have you lost a loved one? Yes ______ or no _____
  6. Have you had a life threatening surgery? Yes ______ or no _____

Soul Retrieval workshop is part of the Yoga –Reiki Retreat in Panama, RP.

Do you feel that you are not entirely whole?

Your soul might be:

  1. Fragmented
  2. You might be depressed
  3. You most likely have anxiety
  4. Do you have an inability to receive love
  5. You are unable to fully love another
  6. You are feeling apathy
  7. You have a lack of enthusiasm for life
  8. They may have suicidal tendencies
  9. Have you felt an absence of joy?

What is this thing called soul loss?

Everyone has experienced dramatic moments or scary emotional/physical events in their life and when that happens, to protect the physical body from even more harm, the soul will leave the body or parts of it will fragment and drop the body. Soul loss is not a bad thing because it helps protect the body from experiencing the worst possible pain. It is a survival mechanism.

Soul journey

What is Soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a spiritual process where the trained master energy healer or shaman will go through various situations that might have happened to an individual to find the missing pieces or the lost soul.

This process of finding the missing pieces of the Alma (the soul), healing them, and returning them to the individual will take place in segments during the three days of the retreat.

I’ve never felt the same since…

Anytime your client says, “I have never been as confident since this event happened”. (And they don’t mean this in a wholesome way because their soul went away and stayed lost.)

  • An emotional event
  • Something tragic happened
  • Something unexpected and traumatic was experienced
  • Suffered a tremendous loss, sadness, loneliness, or even a feeling of unworthiness

You do not have to be placed into a deep trance for the Laser Reiki Energy worker to find the Soul, the fractures, and pieces.

  1. It could in this lifetime or another lifetime
  2. They could be stuck in another person
  3. The Soul could be found in another dimension
  4. And all of the above

Come to one of the Reiki Ranch retreats and feel whole again, happier, healthier, cleaner, more together and refreshed.

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