Scary Artery Condition? Aneurysms: Can they be predicted?

Scary Artery Condition? Aneurysms: Can they be predicted?

by Dr. Herb Uhl

Believe it or not, aneurysms can be predicted by yourself and all those around you once you know the cause.

The common belief is that as you age the artery walls become weaker until they blow up like a balloon in one spot and break open and there’s really no way to protect you from that occurring.  Not true!

The reality we’re not told is that there are years of symptoms that are obvious to yourself and all those around you once you understand what makes the artery wall weak.

They weaken mainly because of a lack of the mineral copper and fortunately copper is also needed for the body to make the color of your hair.

That’s right; if your hair is starting to turn gray, already gray, or white, you have a huge copper deficiency. Copper is the same mineral that keeps the artery walls strong. So, if you have lost your natural hair color, have spider or varicose veins, crow’s feet, etc… you need to supplement with organic or angstrom size copper and the other associated minerals that bring back the body integrity we all should enjoy. Take your 90 for Life supplements and be healthy!

Why haven’t we been told about this simple fix? MD-type doctors get no training in clinical nutrition so just plain don’t know as much about prevention through medical nutrition as your animal’s veterinarian.

So who can you go to for guidance? Go to an N.D.!

ND’s get the same 2 years of training that the MD gets plus 2 more years devoted to medical nutrition.

Say you just want to do it yourself

  1. Where do you start and
  2. Why do these conditions usually come on just as we get older

Let’s pretend your body is a huge apartment house. Right as it is built, it is stocked with a lot of the maintenance items it might take to keep it in perfect condition and a maintenance crew is hired to install whatever is needed to keep it in tip-top shape.

Now, suppose the crew ran out of various maintenance items and didn’t know where to get more of them. The apartment house would start to look shabby as the color faded off of the siding, the roof leaked, etc.

That’s exactly what happens to our bodies and the mainstream doesn’t tell us what the problem is because they’ve not been taught.

Why haven’t they been taught that a copper deficiency causes Aneurysms, grey hair, liver skin spots, wrinkles, saggy skin, etc.

Because there is very little money to be made by feeding humans 90 minerals and vitamins, etc., and therefore keeping us healthy.  On the other hand, we can be a lifelong MD/pharmaceutical customer when we are sold expensive drugs to cover up our problems along with the probability of even more drugs to cover up the side effects.

As long as the un-health industry can make the big bucks on our mineral deficiencies we won’t be told how to stay healthy by the mainstream MD’s. The mainstream MD’s are not taught about lifesaving mineral and Vitamins themselves because it is their duty to push the prescription drugs  for the big pharmaceutical companies.

Believe it or not, we need 60 minerals plus 30 other co-factors from plant sources every day to keep our bodies in top condition for our possible healthy 120+ years.

So, how do we eat that health-giving diet? You can’t now, and here’s why:

Plants are basically natural mining machines that mine all those minerals, make them small enough, and give them the proper electrical charge so they can be sucked into our cells and utilized. The problem is modern farming. It only takes the addition of 3 minerals to make the plants look and taste good. That means the fruits and vegetables we eat now are 57 minerals short for human health.

So, what do we do? We must supplement minerals!

Fortunately, a huge deposit of plant-derived minerals was discovered in Utah with their electrical charges intact. Dr. Joel Wallach’s scientist found this deposit and has formulated 60 minerals and another 30 vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc., and they call these supplements Youngevity.

These are available at a very reasonable price in a group of good tasting products called 90 for Life. We personally take the Healthy Body Pak 2.0 each month and are feeling great


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