It touched me while I slept

It touched me while I slept

 Do you feel vulnerable while you sleep?

Often family and friends will ask for my help in, mostly solving a mystery and if it is something that requires little effort I will, “Take a quick peek”, as I like to call it.  Generally, no financial gain is in it for me, I will proceed on the assumption that it is a gift or a favor, and certain to be returned when needed.  It is all about balance in the universe.  So when an acquaintance of mine mentioned to me that she was having odd things occurring in her home, especially her bedroom at night, I was intrigued.

creepy dark thing on ceiling
creepy dark thing on ceiling

Who’s touching me?

“I swear I was awakened from my sleep last night from something touching me”, she told me.  She continued to explain that this has been going on periodically for several years now.  She thought that she had solved the problem; it stops for a while, and then begins again.  “Am I crazy?” she asks me.  “Don’t give me any more information, send me a couple of photos of your bedroom and I’ll take a quick peek”, I told her.  I never know what I am going to find when I walk into a situation, so when I saw a dark shadow creature crawling up her wall and onto her ceiling, I knew she had a negative entity to deal with.

A dark creepy thing touched her while she was asleep

I have seen them before.  They are creepy and up to no good. I will do my best to describe the thing I saw.  Think of a very thin human shadow crouching down and then crawling on all fours like a dog.  They have great agility and are able to morph into various images; generally, the one that they think will scare the hell out you.  As I mentioned, it crawled up the wall and then onto the ceiling of her bedroom.  Once resting on the ceiling over her bed, it became aware of my presence.

In an effort to frighten me, this dark entity thrust the image of a head of a creature baring its pointy needle teeth at me.  I have been doing this long enough that it takes more than that to scare me.  What did I do you might ask?  I placed a red clown nose on him and put my hand up indicating I expected him to stop and then go away.  And, go away he did.  Showing fear would simply have given it more power and I would not have been able to proceed to help my friend with her “Issue”.

She stood as if trying to protect
She stood as if trying to protect

Another spirit ghost appeared

Once the shadow creature was gone, another entity showed, she stood at the foot of the bed.  She was brilliant in the light that emanated from her spirit.  I felt she was a grandmother or grandmother type, a nurturer, a protector, a guardian Angel perhaps.  After I greeted her, I asked her if she could help me with the negative energy, I had just encountered.  She indicated that she was pleased I had come and was very willing to assist me.  Then, just at that moment a male entity appeared next to her, he was in shadow, but I could still see a bit of his face.  This is the shadow man tormenting my friend.  The man then quickly vanished from view.

Who was this dark creepy creature?

Dark creepy creature shadow man

I asked the woman if she thought the shadow man had an issue with the husband, the wife, or something entirely different.  She replied by placing her hands up to her eyes as if she had blinders on.  She was directing my view to the bed.  I turned to look at the bed and saw the shadow man leaning over the bed on the side the husband sleeps on.  He leans over the bed to touch the woman sleeping on the opposite side, my friend.  However, as he touches her, the loving spirit who sits on the bed next to my friend, slaps away the hand of the shadow man.  Obviously, the loving female spirit is there to protect my friend from harm from the shadow man.  The touches are powerful enough to wake my friend from a deep sleep.

When I contacted my friend to tell her what was transpiring in her bedroom at night and to assure her that she was not crazy, she was mortified and relieved.  She proceeded to explain to me that she believes the loving spirit to be her grandmother and the negative shadow man to be her stepfather.  He was unkind and abusive to her when she was a child.  She exclaims that she has awaken from a sleep feeling as though she had been touched only to see a shadow figure on the opposite side of the bed.

Heavenly floral scents fill the room

I must stop here for a moment and explain what is happening to me.  As I am typing this, I am experiencing the heavenly scent of Gardenia or something similar, it is definitely floral.  It arrived from nowhere, lingered for a moment and now is gone.  Simply beautiful, this is definitely the sign of a loving spirit nearby.  I took a moment to thank the loving spirit for its presence.

I need help

My friend now informed of her situation is in need of a solution.  I explained to her that she must ask her friends and family in spirit to come together and help her banish her stepfather from the house and anywhere near her or her family.  Why, you might ask.  Because the stepfather has zero respect for my friend and has chosen to continue to torment and bully her from the grave.  She cannot fight him alone, she must gather her forces, and they must banish him together.

Do you ever wonder what’s taking place around you while you sleep? 

We are all so vulnerable to negative forces of all types.  That is why inviting Angels and loving spirits to surround you is always a good idea.  Something you might want to consider and make a habit of is praying for protection before you go to sleep and thanking all those who gave you that protection when you awake.  Also, consider this, not all unexpected and unseen touches are from negative energies, most are hugs and kisses from loved ones.

Gale Stein

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium


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PS:  What is happening while you sleep? Please share your stories.



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