How to Overcome the Ego

How to Overcome the Ego

By Marilyn L. Redmond

Science says that energy moves. It is all about raising vibrational energy.

Ending the energy drain from my past issues elevates me to a height of God consciousness, love, or healthy vibrations of well-being. For me spirituality means living in a loving spirit or beneficent vibrations of energy.

The ego promotes my attraction to looking outside me for my satisfaction. The material world is tempting. Does it really provide contentment, serenity, or inner peace? Is it time to look for being genuine from my heart, rather than superficial from my ego? Material items are not of permanent value. The ego encourages me to buy one more thing to make me happy; however, they can break at any time. Many people looking for jobs used to have a great salary, beautiful home and yard, or a super car, but they are gone when the job is eliminated.

What does bring reality, sanity, and serenity to my life?

With my new decision not to follow in the path of the ego, it is time to replace my insanity from the material world that lures me with a false sense of pleasure. It becomes more obvious that my inner journey that focuses on sincerity with unconditional love will provide the fulfillment I desire. Now my journey is an inner path of faith. Men of faith have courage.

Releasing the outcome of each part of my life, allows a higher power to produce the outcomes that may be better than what I intended. Leaving the results up to a Creator, who provides relief from me playing God in my life, and in the lives of my loved ones, lightens my burdens. I trust the Universe/God to supply my needs and bring appropriate results into my life. If I do the footwork, then I turn the results over to my Creator appreciating the surprise. This higher power is a creative force. It may have labels such as Love, God, Creator, or light. Relying on a power greater than myself, replaces the ego and it selfishness. I move into a higher consciousness of being more rational, loving, and sane.

Honesty has replaced my denial and new opportunities appear, including health.

I am no longer separated from God as I move into new circumstances. Honesty directly connects me to a positive energy force, which dispels the darkness of the ego that stopped my progress. My feelings lighten. I feel good—the presence of God.

Contempt before investigation is of the ego. Investigate the fear. Fear is a lack of information. Faith is powerful; it provides strength in my life. Faith replaces fear when examining beyond the unknown. Yes, looking beyond the fear with faith brings the rewards.

When this knowing replaces the unknown, I have information; there is no need for fear. Prevail over the ego with being open-minded. Why be in fear of the unknown? This fear disappears as I gain in understanding or knowledge. When this knowing replaces the unknown, I have information; there is no need for fear. When I know the original basis for the ego–edging God out–is separation from God, my thinking can change.

Detaching from the ego comes with facing my fears, releasing them, and letting go of all negative emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Replacing the void left with love and grace restores my common sense. With faith, I can now live in sincerity, honesty, and detachment. These are the keys to move out of the ego’s influence. Now my faith is in those things that connect my to a Higher Power.

I learn to pray for my enemies.

When I send out love, I smooth the path. I am not creating more chaos but sending loving energy that allows loving energy to return to me. Sending prayers or love is actually very practical to dispel the ego’s influence of promoting turmoil, havoc, and poor health.

When I am able to send love to others, I try not to forget to love myself. This is often more difficult as so often the ego has influenced my lack of self-esteem and emotional security. I lived in guilt or shame for many reasons. It is my comfort zone and feels safe. As I come to understand that, I am made in the image of my Creator, the ego’s messages can be forgotten as ancient history. The real me, the God-conscious person, can evolve into claiming my birthright. I am a child of God.

Another major way to prevail over the ego is through forgiveness. This is the bridge between the ego and my higher self. The event or predicament did happen; however, I can now perceive it from my higher self and acknowledge the other person is also a child of God, however, I may not approve of their actions.

I extend forgiveness not because I approve of the other person’s dealings or attitudes but because I no longer need to carry the emotional baggage. Lessons in life are not always pleasant. However, I discover the lessons learned, through my experiences, have fostered growth.

This raises my energy into a higher consciousness; this is what life is really about. Others played out their part in our lessons. I asked them to help me, before I was born into this life, with the experiences I needed to heal my soul.

In addition sending love and amends to those problems, or people, I harmed in my past needs to be done.

Taking responsibility for the karma I created is a major step in being accountable and balanced. I need to change this low energy of the ego to a higher vibration for me to move into a higher consciousness. With ascension on our doorstep, harmony from our past predicaments becomes essential to raising my energy.

The people who volunteered to play a part in my life did me a favor by providing the happening so my energy can shift to a higher plane. When I point a finger at someone else, there are several fingers pointing back at me. Clearing out my past negative emotions, actions, and communications, I am able to return to the oneness with my Creator. Taking responsibility for my life, and every part that I needed for my soul growth, is essential. Only when I respond in love to all situations that occur instead of reacting in revenge, hatred, or resentment towards others can I become a master of my emotions.

I save myself from my ego.

What I caused, comes back to be loved. Most people run from their consequences, which leads away from truth and love. I must face reality. When I am in a difficult situation, sending love will change the dynamics and peace can be restored. No one can attack love. There is no threat from love. It is ego’s lie that we will be punished if we reveal our true self to God.

The ego shuts me down from love when I feel danger.

The body closes off the light of God as a way to protect me from harm. This produces illness. Being open to the light creates health and happiness. The ego tells me it is the scariest thing in life being totally available to God’s love.

The truth is that in surrendering to God, I have the love of God to protect me from any harm, fear, or third dimensional illusions. When the past is healed, I can be open to the love of the universe to support me in all things. I have become fearless.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT is a Holistic Health Counselor, consultant, and speaker. She is also an award winning international writer, columnist, consultant, regressions counselor, channeler, spiritual reader, and teacher who shares the dynamics of life through her own experience. Marilyn is an ordained minister for spiritual counseling, soul healing, and does Past Life Regressions.. See her web site:


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