Psychic Mediums are used to having ghosts around them.  We know them as family or they have wormed their way into our hearts and have become like family.  Similar to family they share our daily lives with us regardless of what it may bring.  They lend a shoulder when we shed tears of sadness, provide protection, and join in on celebrations of joyful events.  However, other ghosts to whom we form attachments can be pranksters, territorial or grumpy.

scary black monster ghost
scary black monster ghost

There are many who form attachments to ghosts who claim they have no psychic ability whatsoever.  Yet through ghost stories and legends of the house, building, property, item or through a few personal experiences, they are sure they have a ghost and have formed a relationship with this energy.  The living gives off energy and although most cannot see it, it is tangible to feel.  “She had bad vibes”, or “I didn’t like his energy”, how about this one, “Something just didn’t feel right about him”, is what most of us have said or felt about another living person.  You cannot see it, but you can feel it, in that respect, it is tangible.

When you are used to having certain energy around you and suddenly it is gone, you become aware of the void, you miss it. 

If your ghost who has been by your side for years suddenly decided to move along, you would notice the energy around you had changed and you would miss your ghost.  A person would feel a sense of loss, perhaps become despondent, or display changes in behavior due to separation anxiety.  The mere thought of having the broad shoulder, confidant, and eager companion, and for many, best friend, leave your side can be devastating, as it is for one man who changed his mind about having me talk to his ghost.

There is a ghost in one of the two buildings

For this story I will call this man, Ken.  Ken and my husband are good friends, so I know Ken through my husband.  A couple of times I have heard the conversation revolve around the ghost Ken says he has living in his place of business.  Ken is certain there is a ghost in one of the two buildings he uses to conduct his business. The discussion regarding the ghost quickly ends when I am in earshot of his conversation and that makes me wonder if Ken is just pulling everyone’s leg about the ghost and he is just fabricating the whole thing.  Nevertheless, to be fair to Ken, until recently, did not believe that I could indeed see ghosts.


Last weekend my husband and I pulled into the parking lot of Ken’s place of business.  My husband needed to look at an item he intended on borrowing for a project that involved both of them.  “Go into that first building and tell Ken I’m out here looking at the trailer”, my husband instructed.  I have been in the second building, but not the first building, I had no clue what was in there.  I walked in and found several classic cars in various states of bodywork, including ours.  It was a small building so I did not have to go in very far to discover Ken was not there, I was alone, I thought.

Psychic Medium sees scary ghost

Then I saw it, it was not hard to miss.  It intended to try to scare me; apparently, he had not been keeping up on the latest news.  He though the image of a fifteen-foot tall, black, goofy monster man with a dinosaur tail would frighten me, he was sadly mistaken.  He strolled across the room; eyes fixed on me, and then vanished as he reached the far wall.  “That was interesting”, I thought to myself.  I thought I might run into him again and initiate dialog, so I slowly walked to where I had seen him before he vanished and stood quietly.  I heard the door open behind me; my husband entered and asked, “What are you doing?”  I replied with, “I’m looking for that thing I saw walk past me”.  “Was it a mouse?” he asked.  “No, it was a lot bigger than that”, I said.

scary ghost
scary ghost

My husband and I left the building in search of Ken.  When we found Ken, eager to tell him of my discovery, I blurted out, “I saw your ghost!”

Scary ghost story

Ken’s eyes widened, and with his mouth gaping open, he stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.  Finally he spoke, “You saw my ghost!”  I had just confirmed what he suspected to be true was in fact true.  He has a ghost in the first building of his place of business.  Ken finally understood that I really am able to see and speak to the dead.  I asked Ken not to tell me anything about his ghost; I wanted to talk to the ghost to see if he needed any help or had any messages to pass along.  I told Ken that I would be able to provide him with accurate information about his ghost that has been haunting this space for dozens of years.


Ken agreed to allow me to speak to his ghost at a later date, “I don’t want to get rid of him, he likes me”, Ken exclaimed.  I told Ken not to worry, my intention was not to run him off, but I would help him to cross over if that is what the ghost wanted.  “He’s been here since before I was here, he can stay”, Ken said.  It was becoming increasingly clear that Ken did not want his ghost to move on and that he and his ghost had become good friends over the years.  As Ken, my husband and I stood in the parking lot outside of the first building, the ghost came walking toward me.  This time he showed himself as a man.  He hurriedly walked toward us, bunching up a greasy rag his used to wipe his hands on then hurled rag toward us.  I covered my face while I laughed, “What are you laughing at?” Ken asked.  “Your ghost just threw something at me”, I replied.  I have never seen two grown men end a conversation and scatter that abruptly.  That alone was worth a good chuckle.

 The ghost was mad and threw something at him

Dark monster demon ghost
Dark monster demon ghost

I did not have the heart to tell Ken that the ghost threw the balled up greasy rag toward him, not me.  I did not want Ken to know that the ghost whom he regarded as one of the boys, didn’t really like him all that much.  I was not at all surprised when Ken called to cancel the “Ghost hunter visit” because Ken did not want to “Stir up trouble”.  After all, what if the ghost did want help in moving on.  Ken would certainly feel the loss of a presence he could not see but could definitely feel; a noticeable absence of  the ghost that has been by his side through the passing of his father, his dog, as well as the end of relationships; through days that just outright sucked and joyous events.  Ken is simply not ready to lose his best friend.  If Ken’s ghost needs help, he knows how to find me.

Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium


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