Free Boots

Free Boots

Story about manifesting knee high black boots

This is one of the quickest manifestations I’ve ever made. It took about three hours from the time I thought about having a nice pair of black knee-high boots until they were delivered to my home by my friend, Sheila, who I had not talked to for several days. She had no idea I was even considering buying boots, much less the exact pair she gave me.

Free boots from the Universe
Free boots from the Universe

The manifestation started at 5 PM when Roi and I were having dinner at the casino buffet near Rochester, Washington. The women guest companions were wearing knee-high boots. They decided that Taylore also needed boots like they were wearing. I said, “Yes, I think I might like to get a pair of knee-high black boots. I’d like them to be black to match my purse.” All of us at the table were Reiki Masters – two men and three women.

You may have heard that the Universe (God) wants to help you and wants to give you things, but we get in our own way and we block many of the gifts that start coming our way. Do you know that you are dearly beloved by the consciousness that is the Universe?

Before you ask for a desire or make a wish it is already known what you want and what you’re going to ask for.

And the Universe starts making your desires possible. This can only work because the God is within you as well as outside of you. The God in Sheila and the God in my friends who I had dinner with seemed to have been conspiring to deliver a gift to me that I was very happy to receive. Although I hadn’t even known I wanted black boots and then three hours later I had them.

I tried on the boots and found one pair was a perfect fit for me.

They fit my feet as if they were made in heaven, so comfortable, with the correct height of the heels and also was a good match for my black purse. Two weeks later my daughter and I had lunch with good friends in Portland and both of us wore our boots. It made me proud that the Universe decided I would like these boots. Thank you, God!

The way you receive help directly from the Universe is through other people.

Sheila had found three pairs of new boots at a yard sale several days before and she thought one pair of these boots would fit me. She and a couple of her friends were driving up from Eugene, Oregon the same evening as our dinner to spend a week helping out at the Reiki Ranch energy healing Center.

This situation takes the conspiracy theory to a whole new level!

Not only do you receive gifts from the universe plus it is a sign you’re constantly being watched over. Are you grateful that you’re never alone? Your inner self, your higher self, the God within is always with you, listening to your thoughts, feelings and It wants to help you 24/7.

It is a good thing that I did not mess up the manifestation of those black boots by trying to figure out things for myself. What if I had used my conscious mind to devise a strategy how I could get the boots? I could have pushed them away! I didn’t think about them one way or another. The Universe knows that I don’t liking shopping very much – the boots just arrived at my home.

I found an easy way to have invisible helpers from the Universe. I keep my mind on how I can help the world by helping myself (by clearing my own energy so I can be a better channel), teaching Reiki classes, and helping others be connected to the innate intelligence of the Universe – also known as Reiki. Reiki is a one hundred year old name for the ancient laying-on-of-hands healing treatment.

In Reiki I teach all of my students to beam out Source energy as unconditional love for other people while driving down the highway, for farms and plants along the way, for fence posts, for rivers and streams, etc.

We’re all connected to Source energy and It knows how to help you if you will only allow it to flow into your life. What blocks the invisible help for you?

  1. Your ego
  2. You trying to figure everything out yourself with your surface mind (the conscious mind is often referred to as your surface mind.)
  3. Being stubborn
  4. Having negative emotions such as
    1. worry
    2. stress
    3. criticism and judgment

Are you looking for a sign from heaven that you are not alone?

How can you feel more loved and supported? You might think it’s all right for Taylore because she’s a dedicated Reiki Master, but what about me?

How is the help already there for my situation? Rest assured, you are not alone and it’s not mandatory to think out everything yourself.

Let your powerful subconscious mind figure things out for you, it’s proven to be 1000 times stronger than the conscious mind. Besides the subconscious mind is considered the Mind of God!  How much higher can you get?

I know we all feel alone at times and we might also feel so unloved and unsupported that we’re depressed and we worry that we may even die alone. I want you to really look at the word: alone.

Take the word alone and break it apart: All-One is equal to al-one. So instead of being alone you might be able to feel what you are really: You are All One with the Universe and everything in it!

By Taylore Vance


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Do you remember having help from the Source?

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