Butter Coconut Coffee

Butter Coconut Coffee

Add Butter or Coconut Oil to Your Coffee

The thought of adding butter to your coffee might sound like a bad idea, but it’s actually healthy for you and can improve the taste. You do have to add the right kind of butter, though.

Add Butter or Coconut Oil to Your Coffee
Add Butter or Coconut Oil to Your Coffee

You need to use the kind of butter that comes from cows that are fed only grass. When you do that, you can get a lot of different nutrients including the all important omega fatty acids that are known to help lower body fat as well as promote heart health.

The ingredients in the butter, mixed with coffee, give the body nutrients that some people struggle to get in their diet – plus, certain studies have shown that adding healthy butter to your coffee can help you lose fat.

It doesn’t take much butter in your coffee to give you these benefits, which is one of the reasons that so many people are now doing it. All it takes is a teaspoon of butter to add to your healthy eating plan.

Plus, it tastes good and doesn’t give you the same hunger for sweets that adding sugar to your coffee does. Grass fed butter is the kind of fat that’s good for you – including helping your brain function.

For people who have a coffee drinking habit, adding the butter can cause your body to burn fat even when you’ve finished with the coffee for the day. If you’re hesitant at the idea of adding butter to your coffee, try it once and you’ll be convinced.

You can also try adding coconut oil to your coffee. Just like grass fed butter, this oil is loaded with what’s called medium chain triglycerides. What this means for you is that when you put it in your coffee, it gives you energy – and it’s a fast energy, unlike the kind that you get from eating foods containing other forms of fat.

Unlike the fats in other foods, medium chain triglycerides don’t turn into stored body fat, which in turn keeps the weight off while at the same time gives you plenty of health benefits.

Coconut oil helps protect your brain’s cognitive function and reduces your risk of getting certain conditions that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s Disease. This oil is also rich in antioxidants, which means that it will fight inflammation in your body.

On top of its ability to handle inflammation, the oil is known for its antibacterial as well as it’s antiviral measures. If you do decide to try adding coconut oil to your coffee, you should buy organic coconut oil. The recommended serving of this is about a tablespoon.

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