Baby Boomers are Going to the Dogs

Baby Boomers are Going to the Dogs

According to statistics, having a trained, loving dog at home can enhance the multifaceted experience of the old age.

Right now, baby boomers are entering their golden era, reaching ages between 65 and 70. This means that they now represent the elderly in our society. As a recognized trend, this population is demanding pets, especially dogs.

Baby boomers are going to the dogs benefits of having a pet to love

While the main reason to get a dog for their old age is

1. Having a useful companion to get the newspaper at the doorstep

2. To pick up the medicine jar that fell to the floor

3. But there is a more important factor – being a friend

It is well known that the elderly can suffer from depression and other psychological conditions caused by solitude. The effects of these terrible mental illnesses can make the last years of life shorter and very unpleasant.

The Love and Care Factor

Dogs have demonstrated to be extremely loving and loyal to their owners. As the compassionate companions they are, dogs can be the right alternative for those baby boomers living by themselves.

Beyond the benefits of having a helpful and collaborative animal at home, dogs can be the proper source of love and companionship for older people who don’t want to be alone. Their mere presence will represent massive perks in terms of peace, health and well-being.

From a golden retriever to a collie, there are dog breeds that are more loving and caring than the rest. Their personality can create a two-way relationship, where these seniors will be capable of proving real, meaningful love to the animal. This kind of exchange will bring many benefits to the baby boomers’ physical and mental health.

Consequences of a Lonely and Loveless Old Age

All demographic groups are affected by loneliness; even more than most people think. While some individuals enjoy being alone for long periods, this might affect their health conditions.

People are social beings. The organism is in need of social interaction with others to maintain a stable physical and mental shape. Right now, baby boomers are the ones with the urgency in this matter.

Some adults are more capable of handling loneliness and avoid the severe consequences of it by socializing. On the other hand, many elderly people can be easily affected by this. The direct effects baby boomers can suffer are many, like intense depression, high cortisol levels (stress hormone), high blood pressure, and cardiovascular complications.

Without love, older folks can suddenly become introverts, angry and deeply depressed. This would shorten their lives without a clear warning to family, friends, and themselves.

Benefits of Having a Pet to Love

Curiously, studies have shown that having a dog during the old age can help to directly counter the consequences mentioned before. Baby boomers living alone can greatly benefit from the pet companion to have a better, more cheerful life.

Having a dog doesn’t only represent a chance for baby boomers to get love and affection, but it often ignite our curiosity, making them research and learn new things about their pets. This way, older peoples’ minds grow more active thereby fighting Alzheimer symptoms and related mental illnesses.

The love provided by a dog will have a huge effect on the seniors longevity. Improving life in the elderly days must be a priority for people entering into this stage of life.

Unfortunately, research agencies report that almost a quarter of the elderly population live alone by themselves, having little communication with family and friends and only through cellphones and the internet. This is a worrying fact that could affect the growing baby boomer population getting to the last chapter of their life.

With this being said, baby boomers who are getting dogs are doing things very beneficial for their well-being in the upcoming years. They are ensuring a healthy and happy old age without relying on anyone else.

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