Alternative ways to reduce stress at work

Alternative ways to reduce stress at work

Different people react in different ways to stress at the workplace.  you might try Alternative ways to reduce stress at work…

For example:

LUKE: When office challenges push hard it tears up my nerves to the max. I try to accomplish as much as I can for each assignment. Because I’m working as hard as I can, it exhausts and depresses me. I have to take sick leave. Don’t tell the boss but I take an antidepressant pill, too.

DOROTHY: When work times are hard-hitting on the job, I give 100% to myself so that I can give my best at the office. I take extra care of my energy, my diet, and I exercise. I love to work. It gives me so much satisfaction.

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Self-care is evidence of self-respect, which is necessary if you are to experience pleasure and fulfillment at work.

The following points will help you stay stable and happy at work.

Pay Attention To Your Body Before You get stressed out.

Be aware of your emotional and personal needs. Notice your physiological responses to potential stressors. Self-awareness can dissipate stress by increasing consciousness of your decisions.

Maintain your energy level by drinking plenty of water. 


What is your ability to ascertain what your body needs?

Here’s some alternate stress reduction suggestions:

  1. Concentrate on eating fresh fruit for breakfast, organic cereal, and a general balanced diet of non-inflammatory type foods. If you don’t know what this is: Google it.
  2. Whole foods are plentiful as a product of Mother nature rather than a product of supermarkets, boxed containers and commerce.
  3. We recommend that you shop for many different fruits and vegetables (You can find these at your neighborhood farmers’ markets)
  4. If you are lactose tolerant, then find organic dairy products like unsweetened yogurt, raw milk, eggs, and cheese locally.
  5. Allow yourself adequate time to sleep and rest.
  6. Make sure your day includes a few minutes of quiet, reflective time, like meditation.
  7. Deep breathing will reduce stress in a moment and while providing clarity. You can do this at work.
  8. Avoid drinking too much caffeine, high energy drinks, and alcohol. You can drink naturally sweetened coffee and tea.
  9. Stop eating all white flour; drinking sugar laden soda pops, and eating sugar filled so-called treats. They cause fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, and mood swings.
  10. Drink about eight cups of clean water a day.  Almost everyone lives in a perpetual state of dehydration. Regrettably, they are not aware of it and evaluate their body’s cries for water as hunger. They eat more and feel fatigue or irritable. Commercial restructured juices, coffee, tea, and soda do not provide the same benefits as water. Adults could add these additional drinks to help keep their sanity: wine and beer in moderation!

Maintain Emotion Balance

Achieve a sense of stability by setting proper boundaries for your mental health. Alternate times of intense work challenges with time for recuperation.  You also could take small breaks during your workday. Use the breathing techniques and other tools throughout this article to help you release stress. Stay clear of rumors and gossip, both of which contribute to stealing your energy. Instead, develop an attitude of “all is well”. No matter what is happening on the job, you are safe, and you are a valuable asset to the company.

Hope this helps.

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