Aging Baby Boomers and Alternative Resources in Retirement

Aging Baby Boomers and Alternative Resources in Retirement

The Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are entering retirement to the tune of 3 million per year. What does that look like for them, and how are they managing their approach to healthcare as they continue to age?

Retiring Boomers are basically split into four basic categories:

Enlightened retiring Baby Boomers complacent 58% poverty stricken 26% highly individualized 11% highly affluent 5%1) The highly affluent 5%

The highly affluent, more educated elitist baby boomer has nearly unlimited financial resources and can fare well on their own without outside assistance.

2) The poverty-stricken 26%

The poverty-stricken are those who are not prepared for retirement, have nothing except for what the Social Security Administration will allot them monthly. The good news is that our welfare system will also probably foot the bill via Medicaid for their traditional healthcare and medical costs for the most part.

3) The complacent 58%

The majority of the Baby Boomers are probably of the complacent variety. They knew this day was coming, they have attempted to mitigate the damages of an aging body, know all-to-well that they are less employable and will be receiving Social Security benefits, will draw from their Individual Retirement Accounts or a combination thereof. Some will have health insurance, Medicaid or a combination of these.

4) The highly individualized 11%

The highly individualized Baby Boomers are prepared for approaching retirement age and may not be focused on retiring at all (in comparison to others who see retirement as an end of their career and income-earning potential). These individuals enjoy what they do so much that they would do it whether they were producing income or not. To them, their work does not seem like work because they’re doing what they love. They have investments and something set aside for retirement to subsidize their continued earning ability. As far as healthcare is concerned, they have taken full responsibility for their ongoing healthcare, reject traditional healthcare unless necessary and engage in natural approaches to healthcare alternatives.

The highly individualized Baby Boomer is in very good health and is likely to live many years beyond their contemporaries. Alternative health therapeutic approaches are embraced by both the highly individualized and the highly affluent Baby Boomers and both these groups have a higher quality of life compared to those who retire and participate in standard health care modalities while enjoying decidedly increased longevity.

Basically only one out of ten Baby Boomers is taking responsibility for his or her own health care and living a more accountable and spiritually-minded high-quality long life on planet earth. They are continuing to add value to the community well into their later years and would never consent to accept the accepted view of, “retirement.”

The highly individualized Baby Boomers continue to work (do what they love) as they have a high sense of purpose and feel an obligation to do their part to help to make the world a better place for future generations.

As they reach retirement age, the evolutionary Baby Boomer generation are less concerned with fussing about their retirement plans or whether they will apply for ssi. Instead they are more apt to be waning more philosophical and considering alternative approaches to health care including homeopathy, holistic medicine and naturopathy.

We are currently only looking at eleven percent of all Baby Boomers adopting this new age enhanced lifestyle. This segment of the population is definitely on the rise and we are looking forward to seeing more and more boomers becoming more and more enlightened as they face their more advanced age; and we expect them to leave a significant impact on this planet for future generations.

Be an active part in the evolution revolution.

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