A Few Life Realizations Why You Need the Alaskan Retreat

A Few Life Realizations Why You Need the Alaskan Retreat

One of the many life realizations I have learned in the last 8 years is




Profound Realization!

But there it is… the real reason to keep your hearts and minds open.  We were designed to receive.  Every day I am in contact with some amazing healers around this country.  Truly amazing healers.  And the fact of the matter is, we all have such incredible amazing gifts, but very, very few people in our surrounding lives are listening.


I believe what keeps people from taking responsibility for their own health is fear

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of doing the wrong thing
  • Fear of breaking out of their programing


We have a whole generation or two who were lead to believe that a quick pill will take care of it for us. Who is in authority: You or someone else?


In the beginning, I mentioned the last 8 years, because that was when I personally began to wake up to what was really going on in this, I wanna say world, but it’s truly the Universe. To understand, it was time to step up and figure it out.  Quantum Physics, Dimensions, Energy, Healings, Laser Reiki and other things we only hope to understand.


Most of us have the intention of helping people.  Really, really helping people.

  1. Help raise their awareness with personal growth
  2. Help them get over disease
  3. Help them become happier
  4. Help them have more fun
  5. And of course, help them have more money, wealth and free time


Through our various educations there is much agreement that it comes down to you.

  1. Your self-love.
  2. How truthful you are with your inner dialogue.
  3. Your perceptions and if they serve your highest goals or not.


The realization: The start of it all was to take care of myself!  I had to learn I was the most important person in my life. Novel concept.  Clean up the diet (quit eating poisons), the life, the emotions, quit carrying around guilt for no reason.  The realization is that it starts right here, in my little human vehicle of 2’ x 2’ x 5’ 9” space.


How do you take care of yourself?

  1. Going inside and
  2. Really understand who you are
  3. Accepting who you are
  4. Being grateful for everything, good or not so good or even bad, that has happened to you,
  5. Being truly grateful for who you are and loving yourself as is
  6. Associate with like-minded people
  7. Take the training you need to progress
  8. Benefits:
    1. Very freeing
    2. Wonderful
    3. Awesome


The realization that we create EVERYTHING in our life! 


We create the good, the bad, the ugly. So learning how my thoughts, feelings, emotions affects everything, was critical. The energy attached to it all and how to be in harmony with it. It’s all real, it’s all measurable.  The peace you have when you get there!


The realization that we have the ability to do it ourselves, you know DIY for ME! The empowerment of having the knowledge to keep my family healthy and happy the natural way, is quite freeing.  Being a part of the healing community has been a blessing in my life and my family is a lot healthier than other families.  The knowledge we share on a daily basis is always up lifting. When healers get together, the energy and transformation is always amazing!


Its time for YOU!


Take some down time to:

  • Restore,
  • Replenish &
  • Rejuvenate
  • For personal healings


However, that looks to you.  For me this year, it’s taking a week out of the year to take stock

  1. Physically
  2. mentally
  3. emotionally, and
  4. spiritually


How are you?

  • How do you generally feel?
  • What do you think is your biggest obstacle in life?
  • What is your passion? (your real, real passion?)
  • We have all the answers inside! (Who else would know?)
  • Taking the time to “Sit Still”, and contemplate


The Alaskan Transformation Retreat brings the answers about your next step forward.  If you want to know about something, ask about it, and in that silence of communication, we find answers.


These answers often show up while relaxing and having fun with like-minded people!


It is my honor, to be a part of Alaskan Transformation Retreat in Juneau check dates here: http://revival-retreats.com/


I am a facilitator and it is an incredible opportunity to experience personal growth in beautiful Alaska!


Last year was my first time in Alaska, and you definitely come back as a better version of yourself for just being exposed to the incredible majestic nature that abounds in Alaska on a scale that I had not known before!


We are always changing with every new experience life has to offer and the changes that come from being with a group of high energetic healers in a setting that is so awe inspiring is something that to me is nothing short of a blessing.


Also, the sharing personal growth and enlightenment that will be a focal point for the retreat, is going to be a unique education that we can’t experience anywhere else!  Since we create everything in our lives, know that the people responsible for the retreat are creating an amazing experience for those who wish to accelerate their life’s journey.  See you there!

Love & Light,

Mila Hover

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