Massage for Pain

Massage for Pain

Massage therapy is not only an excellent option if you want to de-stress and relax, but it can actually be very useful if you struggle with chronic pain. When you have chronic pain, it occurs over a long period of time, and even if you have moments where you are pain-free, it always comes back. There are certain types of massages that are better for pain, including those listed here.

Massage Styles and Techniques For Pain

Swedish Massage

This first type of massage is a Swedish massage. If you have ever gotten a massage before for relaxation, you are probably familiar with it. What you might have not realized is that it can be a healing massage helping with your chronic pain. Swedish massage not only leaves you feeling relaxed, but it helps to reduce stress, which does wonders for your pain. It also helps with muscle tension leading to a lot of chronic pain in the neck, shoulders and back, along with helping blood flow to your skin and improving circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you can handle it, a good deep tissue massage will go a long way. This is good when your chronic pain is from muscle tension, such as from sitting in a desk chair all day at work, driving a truck for your job, or if you have had an accident recently from a motor vehicle collision. One thing to note is that while it works wonders for this type of pain, it can also be a little uncomfortable when you are getting the massage. You should pay attention to your body and let the massage therapist know if something hurts. With a deep tissue massage, they find trigger points and use deep finger pressure on those areas to release the tension.

Lymphatic Massage

If you have chronic pain from surgery or an injury you had in the past, then you might want to get a lymphatic massage. This is a special type of massage used on releasing muscle tension and reducing swelling in different areas of your body. It is very gentle, so even if you currently have pain, it can help without first hurting those areas more. Very gentle strokes will be used on your lymphatic system to help relieve the pain.

Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu massage is a traditional massage that has been done for centuries. The same practitioners who do acupuncture often provide this type of massage. It channels your energy and helps relieve pain, while providing many other health benefits.

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