Beheadings and Incongruent Thought

Beheadings and Incongruent Thought

What does this cause for a person? A talking head person has a weak, non-assertive voice.

When we hear the phrase “talking head” we immediately think of all those people on TV that are busy telling us stuff as if it were really news. What we are writing about today is completely different!

Most of us probably know someone whose voice is so weak that almost no one pays any attention to what they say.

It’s like their voice doesn’t exist. Their voice appears to only come from their head rather than their chest and it lacks power and conviction. Do you know people that when they talk you don’t listen because there is no power behind their voice? When this happens we call it Talking Head Syndrome.

Beheaded or a talking head?
Beheaded or a talking head?

In our Laser Reiki energy healing class we teach a protocol to correct this problem. The clearing procedure gives a person power back in their voice and is very successful.

One of the most notable cases that comes to mind is a third grade schoolteacher with the problem that her students didn’t pay any attention to her instructions. 

She was frustrated that her students were only passing the time in her class until it was time to move on to their next class. They were unruly and when she tried to get their attention it did not work. We were able to heal her to such an extent that the students are looking forward to her class now.

This problem of Talking Head Syndrome is more prevalent than you would believe.

You may not believe in energy healing or perhaps you don’t know much about it?  If you would like to learn more you can read our article on the basics of energy healingHowever talking head is an example of blocked energy. Blocked energy in a person’s body does exactly what is implied by the name, it blocks your energy from flowing correctly depending on where the energy blockages are located. Our schoolteacher had several energy blockages in her neck from trauma, anxiety, damage and distress stuck in her throat area. Now here’s where we might lose some of you because your belief system is too narrow to encompass the well hidden realities involved.

Past Life Beheadings might need to be cleared, etc.

Talking heads saying nothing from the heart
Talking heads saying nothing from the heart

For a person to have the condition we referred to as talking head, they have to have had other life experiences where they’ve been hung by the neck, buried alive up to their heads in sand, head chopped off, head pulled, choked, etc. and just about any other way of losing their head that’s possible including being bitten off by animals.

You probably think I’m talking about past lives but I am not.  In fact  I really don’t believe in past lives. Time is an illusion that helps us keep our simultaneous lives separate so we can handle the whole physical life thing and keep our experiences separated. So we are indeed having other lives, but they are really not the so-called past, present and future lives they are really in simultaneous nows. Don’t all the great teachers tell us to focus on the now? Why do you think they emphasize focusing on the now? Could it be they know only the now really exist?

Energy clearings erase karma

In Laser Reiki healing sessions, and during the workshops, communication with the subconscious mind is necessary to clear the energy blockages that are limiting our abilities. By communicating with the client’s subconscious mind we find those dramatic experiences where the head was removed etc. We delete, release, destroy, remove and un-create the trauma and energy blockages associated with those events.

energy healing hands remove blocked energy
energy healing hands remove blocked energy

In an hour long Laser Reiki treatment, a person’s ability to use an assertive voice may be restored so they can bring their sound up from their solar plexus with power and conviction like most of us normally do. The reason they are so affected by the energy blocking the connection between the head and the rest of the body is because the subconscious is simultaneously participating in all those lives because it also only lives in the now.

Is you energy flow cut off?

The other lifetimes this schoolteacher was experiencing was like a bleed over of negative energy and trauma from all the times where she had lost her head. That trauma had figuratively cut off her energy flow from her solar plexus to her head. When she spoke to her students and asked for their attention her voice had no power. She was just a talking head and they paid no attention to her at all. After the Laser Reiki energy healing the power was restored to her voice and then her students paid attention.

Perhaps you don’t believe any of this, but you can’t argue with the results. They speak for themselves.


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Do you sometimes feel that you don’t have anything important to say? Do other people seem to ignore you?

Do you know people that have a small weak voice?

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