Psychic Details of Beth’s Unsolved Murder

Psychic Details of Beth’s Unsolved Murder

This is a story of a young woman who I will refer to as Beth.  Beth is a cold case, an unsolved murder.  I connected with Beth in an attempt to help solve her murder, which took place in the 1970’s, in South West Washington State.  Beth was very eager to speak to me, she wanted to help put her murderer away, and she wanted jus

he hit me with a baseball bat or something like that
he hit me with a baseball bat or something like that

tice.  Last year when I made this connection with Beth I presented the results to the local authorities. I have had yet to hear from them.

“He hit me with something”, she said.

I see a long thin item such as a crowbar or a bat.  I see a man place a bag over her head to smoother her.  I see Beth on her knees with her hands bound or held behind her back.  The man wears a long coat, such as a duster.  He has a foul smell about him, a strong, sharp smell.  He is a chain smoker, he smokes unfiltered cigarettes, and as soon as he finishes one, he lights up another.  He abuses alcohol and frequents the local bars.  I saw him enter a tavern, I believe just after he killed Beth.  The bartender calls him by name, “Joe”.

Why can’t the police find Joe?

He has beard stubble and looks older than his chronological age because he is not physically well.  I watched as he sat next to Beth and smoked a cigarette after he killed her.  His skin is loose and sagging on his face, indicating he has had a recent loss in weight.  His eyes are blue and his skin is rough and dry as it would be if a person spends a significant amount of time outdoors.  He is a white male between the age of fifty and sixty.  His beard stubble has some white mixed into the light brown/blonde hair.  His hands and under his fingernails show stains from grease similar to engine type grease.  He has a thin body stature and wears cowboy boots and possibly a western type hat.

Ghost is angry about being murdered
Ghost is angry about being murdered

The killer lives and was well known in the same area where Beth was murdered

He is familiar with the area that he took Beth and ultimately killed her.  In his mind he is satisfied, he feels satisfied because he feels as if she got what she deserved.  After he killed her, before driving away, he kicked the tires on his car, he kicked his tires because he was mad, mad that she made him do that to her.  He told me that she laughed at him and that is what set him off.  The man seems to be suffering from P.T.S.D. or some similar type of mental disorder.

The killer’s license plate has a handicap symbol embedded into the plate.

Not a sticker, but embedded in the plate.  It could be the last two numbers on the license plate are 01.  The car is noisy, the exhaust smoke and fumes are heavy.  The man looks to have a dental problem.  He is missing several teeth or he has false teeth.  His car stinks like urine or vomit.  He is unclean and unkempt.  His car filled with garbage, like food garbage and clothing.  A small red gas can and a tire iron are visible in the back seat and cargo area.  The driver’s side door creeks loudly when opened.

She refused him sex

The man states that he wanted to perform a sexual act, Beth declined, and that is why he killed her.  In his mind she made him mad; “She pushed me to it, killing her”, he said.  The man has a short and violent temper that he has difficulty controlling.  I see him driving out of the wooded area as he lit another cigarette, after he killed Beth.  Another male’s image enters.  I describe him as a Native American male.  This man is large in stature, middle age, long straight black hair.  I see him handcuffed and placed into a police car by police officers.  I am told, I hear that “He is in the wind”, on the reservation.  This man is associated with the white male who killed Beth, but I am uncertain how.

Beth is very angry over her murder


I am now connecting with Beth; she tells me that she knew the man form the bar/tavern.  I see Beth with wet hair, tangled and messy.  Her hair hangs down partially covering her face.  Beth angrily points her finger at me and says, “I’m going to kill that son of a Bitch.  Look what he did to me.  That mother F&!!#r”, Needless to say, Beth is very angry.

I keep hearing the name, Joe.  I ask Beth to tell me what happened so we can catch him and punish him for what he did to her.  Her reply was, “dam straight.  O.k. you know that little bar at the y?  You just follow that around”.  Her tone of helpfulness changed suddenly to one of furry as she continued with, “That mother f!!#$r was trying to dry hump me, so I popped him one, I guess I shouldn’t of aught to have done that”.  Then she said that he choked her.  She recalls that she felt that he hit her in the head or she hit her head one of the two.  “I just couldn’t get him to stop choking me”, she explained.

He drugged her drink with the “date rape” drug.

I intuitively felt that she had no idea that she was going to die that day at that time. When I asked he if I was correct, she said, “Hell no, I was ready to get up and kick his ass, but I didn’t quite make it”.  I then heard the name Ruffles or Rufus.  I feel as though she was referring to the drug. (Note: Ruffles is popularly known as a “date rape” drug.)

I asked Beth to tell me about his car.  She said, “It stinks like cigarettes and cat piss”.  She said that he was touching her leg as soon as she got into the car, and that she had seen him in the bar before.  She said they referred to him as Cowboy, Cowboy Joe.

“I hope you get that son of a bitch.” 

My attention suddenly shifted from Beth to the man.  I saw the man standing in front of a mechanic shop.  He wears coveralls and wipes his hands on a towel.  There is a column of tires stacked up right next to him.  I see the image of the Native American Male again and at that moment, Beth said, “Don’t forget about him”, then she referred to him as a “Scumbag”.  I asked Beth if I could connect with her again on another day for more information, she agreed.  Then she said, “I hope you get that son of a bitch.  I really didn’t know him that well, just from around, you know”.  I asked Beth if he was a local and she replied, “Oh yeah, he lives in the area.  He would circle around the bars”.

The long arm of justice reaches out from the grave.

hand reaching from grave
hand reaching from grave

As I was getting ready to end my connection, I saw the image of the man shooting a riffle in a wooded area.  I believe he may have been a hunter.  I then see him physically abusing a young male child.  From that the image changed to a grave marker with the letters, R.I.P. written on it.  I also saw a small American Flag at this marker.  It looks like a flag one would place at a veteran’s grave on Memorial Day, Veterans Day or such.  This leaves me to believe that the man known as Cowboy Joe, the man who killed Beth, is himself in spirit and that is why I was able to obtain the information I did from him.  I believe he was making his confession, a confession that would set Beth free of her anger, allowing her to begin the process of healing so she could move forward in her journey.

Gale Stein

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

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