Do you feel alone?

Do you feel alone?

 You may feel alone, but do you  really think you are alone? 

Do you want a sign from God showing you that you are not alone? How would you like to have invisible helpers for every day chores?

This is a true story about what happened to me just two days ago.

God exists and is constantly giving you signs
God exists and is constantly giving you signs

It was late afternoon and I wanted to get the organic garden started. I was sitting on my raised vegetable garden bed that had been freshly tilled. I had bought some starter vegetable plants and I wanted to plant them before dark. I noticed that there were grassroots chopped up in the dirt. Oh my, what a mess? These things will all grow and overwhelm my new plants. With the hoe I cut in a row where I wanted to plant, but I still saw many grassroots. This was not good; these grassroots had to go.

I took my hand shovel and began to sort through the fresh dirt pulling the roots out. I covered a 4′ x 12′ area, one time through and still the dirt was full of grassroots. This was taking way too long and it was hard work. Next I energetically connected to the dirt. I started talking to the dirt.

It went like this, “The God I Am is connecting to the same God which is also the dirt and the same God that is the weeds and grassroots. We are all One with the Supreme Being. I am asking for your help in making this task easier and quicker. It doesn’t have to be this hard. I want you to show me all the grassroots that are still in the soil. The little starter plants need a clean growing area. Please help me find the roots and weeds and remove them. “Thank you. I love you and I’m grateful for all you do for me. ” I found my prayers were instantly answered.

Guess what? The work became easy, the grassroots seemed to jump out at me, they wanted to be taken out of where I would plant the vegetables.

Do you see how working alone is a struggle.

I had Divine help planting the garden
I had Divine help planting the garden

When you connect with All There Is, it becomes a joint effort!

When I connected to the God within me which is also in the plants, roots and soil and asked for help everything immediately changed as if my life instantly became magical. I found an easy way to have assistance from God, you can also, because God really is all. It is inside of you and all around you. You are only a breath away from the God within. All you have to do is “just ask for it.” And Wow, the feeling of being supported and the feeling of not being alone was overwhelming! It was goosebumps and a feeling of togetherness, success, support, love and wholeness.

Tradition has it that one day a week you dress up in special clothes, you get in your car and drive to a special building – a church to pray, to have communion with God. Why not start connecting with the energy of the Source many times a day wherever you are or what ever you’re doing? Actually you can’t keep the Source Of All from participating in all your activities because you are wearing Its outer body, just as I am. You can’t prevent it from participating so acknowledge it and get the great feelings that come along with that.

 God is always available to help you!

When you pray to God do you want an immediate reaction? Yeah, me too! Do you want to know that God heard your prayers and is giving his attention to what you want? Do you feel unsupported? Have your prayers ever been answered? Has it happened very often for you? Has it happened immediately or does it usually take some time or do you feel alone and your prayers are not being answered?

God is available 24/7
God is available 24/7

Are you tired of feeling alone? Are you lonely for something, someone? Do you think you need another person in your life to make you feel complete? Do you often find that you are seeking companionship with another person and then they are not the one? And then you go searching, finding another person and they are not the one either?

Maybe the companion you are seeking is already within you? Perhaps you just have to acknowledge that companion within to make it easier to meet an outer companion. Ask and you shall receive but ask your God buddy within, to help you find that outer expression, a person you are compatible with.

Another benefit of connecting with the source energy every day, several times a day is that your own body’s vibrational frequency increases. You become happier. Your body seems to radiate happiness and even more people are attracted to you as if by magic.

Eliminate the fear of God

It doesn’t matter what you are participating in because God does not judge you. You may have been taught as a young person to fear God and that’s not good. It’s hard to get over the programming that teaches you that God will judge and criticize you and even some cases will punish you. In order to use the supportive God in your everyday life you must reprogram yourself to trust, love, appreciate and praise the Father/Mother consciousness that is within you and It always loves you regardless of what you do or say.  You have a loving God.


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