What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki
What is Reiki?

Reiki is a flow of life force energy that a person can learn to us to help reduce stress and anxiety. It has been called the laying-on-of-hands or healing hands and it will increase the flow of energy throughout a person. People having a higher flow of life force energy are happier and healthier. When the person’s energy flow is blocked or just gets too low, they may feel like a cold or flu is coming on. If no action is taken to return the natural flow of energy to a higher state, that person may develop a serious disease and require hospitalization.

Some people call Reiki a Japanese energy healing method, but in reality it has been around for thousands of years, used by many different races and cultures for relaxation and healing the body of sickness. It seemed to have gotten lost for several hundred years and a Japanese man, Dr. Usui, is credited with the rediscovery and promotion of this technique for raising the level of life force energy in a person’s body referred to as.

Usui Reiki was even a Japanese military secret during World War Two. Fewer military doctors were required when a Reiki Master was on board a ship.

Life force energy is an unseen energy but you can feel it flowing through out your life and especially feel the lack of it when it is partly blocked. You feel good and happy with an abundant flow. You feel sad and stressed out when the flow is low, and you might even get sick.

The word Reiki is Japanese. What does this word mean in Spanish? Rei or Ray means the “law or rule” and refers to Higher Power or God’s rule. “Ki or chi” means energy or vibration. So you have Higher Power of Life Force Energy or God’s Vibration. So you can see that a higher flow of the energy is a very good thing and people use if for self-improvement.

what-is-reikiReiki has been used by both Jesus and Buddha for helping heal the sick with healing touch. These two great spiritual men learned how to connect to God or Source at a high level and wherever they went they naturally radiated out this Life force energy. Just being near them the sick were healed and others became happier. Reiki is not a religion and does not require any particular beliefs. Reiki healing works on people of all ages, animals, and even plants.

Anyone can learn Reiki by taking a class in Reiki training or workshop from a Reiki Master for Reiki certification at many of the locations throughout the Pacific Northwest Reiki community. Reiki is simple to learn and easy to use to treat one’s self or others.

A Reiki practitioner is natural and safe and the client always feels better after a treatment. Reiki is considered to be a holistic healing or spiritual healing because the energy used by the practitioner comes from our Source (God) and is not the individual’s personal energy. This energy medicine is from God and it knows exactly what the individual needs most. It has been effective in helping essentially every known sickness and continually creates a favorable outcome.

Dr Oz insists on Reiki treatment before and after operationsReiki treatment has been used frequently in hospitals. Combining energy healing with medical or therapeutic techniques promotes a faster recovery for the patient. Dr. Oz will not perform a heart surgery without his client having Reiki treatment before and after the operations. He sees the value in stress reduction and an easier recovery for his clients.

Reiki is for the benefit of the world– video

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