Yoga for Chronic Pain Relief

Yoga for Chronic Pain Relief

Not only is exercise in general good for chronic pain, but specific types, especially yoga.

Yoga helps to decrease certain types of pain, like shoulder or neck pain, while the relaxation you get can also teach you to enjoy yoga for chronic pain relief.

Try Restorative Yoga

When you want to use yoga for your chronic pain, you should first consider the type of yoga you do. While all forms of yoga can be beneficial, certain types are actually meant for people who are struggling with physical pain. One of the best types of yoga for pain is called restorative yoga, which helps to align your physical and mental wellbeing.

The movements are not difficult or overly advanced, so they are good even for beginners.
The movements will be gentle on your body, but you are also encouraged to make any modifications necessary depending on what you are dealing with. You can try restorative yoga at home with a DVD or online video, or go to a local yoga studio to try out this class with in-person instruction.

Gentle Yoga Poses

Now let’s go over a couple of good poses when you have back pain, one of the most common complaints of people who have chronic pain. Restorative yoga and other gentle yoga poses are really great for your back pain. Here are some poses to try out:

Backbend Pose

The backbend pose might sound like it would be painful, but it is fully supported and will help tremendously if you have chronic back pain. This is also on the floor, so you don’t have to worry if your back pain is worse while standing and stretching. You want to lay on the ground, with a rolled towel under your shoulder blades, another under your knees, and a third one under your neck. This helps to support your entire body. Keep your arms at your side, take a deep breath, and just let your chest rise naturally. Due to where the towels are, it is putting your body into the yoga pose automatically.

Savasana Pose

Next you can try the savasana pose. This is a common pose done in Bikram, restorative, and some other forms of yoga. It is also gentle on your body and can help with chronic back pain. This is another pose on your back, with pressure lifted from your neck and behind your knees by placing rolled towels in both of these locations. Extend your legs and keep your arms at your side, holding this for up to five minutes.

Savasana – Guided Meditation

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