What is Ascension Really?

What is Ascension Really?

There’s a huge industry built up around death and dying and an even bigger industry built around keeping a sick worn out body alive for another few days.

Jesus the man who became the Christ
Jesus a human who became a Christ

Then there’s the whole religion industry which tells that you’ll get rewarded after your body dies if you followed the special rules unique to their brand of religion. They also say that the rules of all other brands of religion will get you eternal pain. Doesn’t that sound a little bit absurd to you? They are implying that God is some kind of psychopath but we know that’s not true. Some religious teachers even say you get extra special rewards after your body dies if you kill the bodies of those who follow other rules. Could all of the religions actually just be filling their treasuries while misleading people and using God for their own benefit?

What if, like Jesus has said, we are all really supposed to have eternal life?

Even though some religious officials conspired to have his body killed, Jesus brought it back to life to prove that death wasn’t proper graduation from Earth life. Jesus is even quoted as saying about man, both male and female, the following; “The works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.” Don’t you believe Jesus was trying to tell us that we have the same powers available as he had developed? Why do the religions choose to ignore those statements that he made, and instead try real hard to prove Jesus was the only one able to do these, to us, very unusual things, and that he was not human like the rest of us? I heard Christ was not part of his name but a level of awareness that any human can reach, if anyone of us were to get over the hero worship and get serious about becoming a Christ.

Jesus Ascended! Can you do it, too?

Is it possible that Jesus is just one of many others who have quietly reached the Christ level and they didn’t try to show the world that it’s attainable for everyone?

Ascension in Consciousness is a Higher Vibration
Ascension in Consciousness is a Higher Vibration

Do you suppose that becoming a Christ changes the body in so many ways internally it’s almost as if it’s had a rebirth? Could “born again” be almost literal instead of poetic? Did Jesus ascend while he spent all those years in the wilderness? Obviously he still looked just like Jesus, but he could walk on water, turn water into wine, and do many other so-called miracles. Could ascension be a process that’s carried out right here on earth and doesn’t take you off into the clouds? Could it mean ascending in consciousness, and body capability, such as, raising the dead, feeding a huge crowd on a fish and a loaf of bread, rather than playing Superman and flying off the planet? Remember Jesus talked about everlasting life rather than everlasting death.

Do you believe the human body isn’t as good a design as God did with the Caterpillar? The butterfly gets,” born again”, a virgin birth, why not us? That Caterpillar is compelled to make a little closet for itself so the butterfly can have its virgin birth. What if the big difference is we’re not compelled, because we have free will, and don’t get the closet? Scientists say the Caterpillar seems to automatically get a “wave of determination” and then the process starts. Could it be that we have to consciously get that “wave of determination” rather than automatically like the Caterpillar does? I wonder if our body is a seed body of a Christ just like the Caterpillar is the seed body of the butterfly?

Caterpillar reborn as a butterfly
Caterpillar reborn as a butterfly – A virgin birth?

What if hidden in religious literature there were directions on how to accomplish the virgin birth?

What if believing it’s possible could help you sort that info out of the whole mass of religious literature? Remember it’s an individual quest. It can’t be done in a group, or by a committee! Could our bodies be called temples for a reason? Would you want to let your temple be turned into so much worm food? Could the bells in your temple be called tinnitus by doctors? (Could  those Celestial sounds be silenced by medication?) Might it be important to listen for that inner vibration? Do you suppose that vibration could have something to do with the process of having your own virgin birth and perhaps even changing into a Christ?

What about the ways of our ancestors? I remember, most of them let their bodies die. Think outside the box! Don’t let some educated expert, a sort of drone, tell you about God. Experience God for yourself, in your own way.

A truth seeker.


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