What Are The Main Reiki Hand Positions?

What Are The Main Reiki Hand Positions?

Reiki is commonly referred to as hands on healing. It is a form of healing based on both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic, or traditional Indian medicine. Both have been practiced for more than 5,000 years. It was systematized as reiki in the late 1800s by Mikao Usui of Japan.


We can describe it as a form of energy work. Reiki, pronounced RAY-key, focuses on the ki or qi (CHEE), our vital energy. It harnesses that ki for health and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki uses either touch (hands-on-healing), or an energy field, that is, the palms hovering over the body, to support the energy in each of the 14 primary meridians and 7 chakras that comprise our energy body. Learning the hand positions can lead to overall health, and to deep healing depending on if you have any particular issue you wish to treat.

There are 2 sets of Reiki hand positions.

  1. The first set is used to heal yourself.
  2. The second set is used if a reiki practitioner intends to support others in their healing process.

In order to start on reiki as a healing path, it’s a good idea to first find a legitimate reiki master who can demonstrate his or her lineage, that is, who they studied with, their teacher’s teacher, and so on, all the way back to Usui. He trained more than 2,000 students in his lifetime, so you should be able to find a lineage holder in your area, or online.

Once you’ve had a treatment, you might wish to go deeper and study Level 1 reiki so you can practice on yourself on a regular schedule.

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This requires an attunement from a reiki master first. If you wish to help heal others, then you would study Level 2 reiki so you could help loved ones, pets, or extend your health-related offerings, such as nursing or other forms of care-giving.

When treating yourself, the positions are grouped as: Head positions, Body positions, Legs and back positions.

When treating others the positions are grouped as:

Reiki Head Hand Positions

Reiki Body Hand Positions

Reiki Legs and Feet Hand Positions

Reiki Back Hand Positions

In both cases, you can hover your hand over or rest your hands lightly on your client’s body, but no pressing down is required as there would be for acupressure.

Each primary meridian is connected to an organ in the body. The chakras are energy centers in the body connected with certain forms of energy.

Once you’ve learned all the Reiki hand positions, you will be well on the way to using reiki to heal your body, mind and spirit.

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