Vegan Clothing

Vegan Clothing

If you open up your closet and look at the amount of wardrobe that you own, it will probably seem impossible to you to replace all of the non –vegan clothing with vegan. But when you want to become a true vegan, a vegan in all fields, when you wish to connect deep with veganism philosophy and start to live the real vegan life, you will start to feel uncomfortable wearing all this clothes made from animals. You will not feel happy and fulfilled, you will be devastated.. Fur, leather, wool- when you are a true vegan, you want to throw away everything you have in your wardrobe made of this material, regardless of how nice this pieces of wardrobe look. When you are in these clothes, you will feel bad.

Vegan cloting peta how to wear vegan

Let’s talk about fur. All animals used for fur live on farms specialized for that. They live in horrible conditions, in cages, they live deeply stressful life. The easiest way to avoid buying fur is choosing wardrobe that does not have any parts of the furs. Because many manufacturers may have something advertised as vegan but regardless of that, there is a possibility that this fur is obtained from an animal. If you have already bought a piece of clothing that has fur, you can do a little test and check whether it is right or artificial fur.

Take a hair from the coat with fur and burn that hair. If the burned hair smells like burnt human hair, you’ll know that it is a natural fur. If the hair smells like burnt plastic then it is artificial fur and you can wear that piece of clothing peacefully.

Let’s talk about leather. Leather industry is also very cruel for the animals. You probably already know the conditions in which the animals are treated in these industries, how they live their sad life there and how they end their life. Some of the animals are murdered just for their skin. Not only cows but also goats, alligators, sheep, deer…Their skin is the most common material and the most massive non-vegan source since the material is used to make much more than clothing. Their skin is used in making all kind of stuff- shoes, bags, clothing, gloves, belts.

Do we need to continue to show you how awful it is to wear not vegan pieces of clothes? I don’t think so.

Be thinking about looking for vegan leather, vegan boots, vegan shirts, vegan purses and other vegan accessories.

Let’s now focus on vegan brands and on things that we can wear peacefully so we can we can totally live philosophy of a true vegan.

The thing that some of internet fashion gurus recommend is definitely buying in second hand shops. But if you want a new wardrobe pieces, here are the names of the brands that you can pay attention on. We will not recommend local brands that can be found in some countries.

Here we will recommend you some internet vegan clothing stores, look around and choose something that you like and enjoy completely as a real and entirely vegan.

What is important in these online stores is the fact that they sell these pieces of vegan clothes, vegan shoes, vegan bags and vegan fashion accessories and that you can really be sure that you know what you are buying. These are all materials that are cruelty-free. Also, important thing is that the people who are employed in these industries are fighting for the rights of animals and their life in the best possible conditions, without torture and exploitation.

Remember, “You are what you eat” and “You are what you wear”.

If you want to be vegan, eat healthy and natural things and let this be a philosophy in your fashion style.


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