Top Essential Oil Scents for the Holidays

Top Essential Oil Scents for the Holidays

Before you start choosing DIY gifts to make for the holidays or making products to keep in your own home, you need to make a list of the seasonal scents to use. While this doesn’t cover all possibilities, it is a great list to start with.


Cinnamon and other spices re probably at the top of your list for scents to use during the holidays. No matter what blend or DIY product you are making, cinnamon always seems to show up during the holidays. Not only is it great in the winter and for holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah, but it can also work great in the fall with Thanksgiving-themed gifts. Cinnamon goes with so many different blend combinations, helping it to smell like baked goods, snickerdoodle cookies, a winter forest, and lots more.

Sweet Orange

Believe it or not, sweet orange is one of the top scents to use during the holidays, and will be found in a lot of different essential oil blends. The holiday and Christmas are when citrus fruits are often at their peak, so when you smell sweet and fragrant Christmas treats or the winter forest, you often also smell citrus fruits like orange and lemon. When looking at blends where it is supposed to smell like a forest outside, a day of sledding, sitting by the fire in a cabin, or smelling like Christmas trees, sweet orange is often included.


Another great scent to use for the holidays is peppermint. There are many ways to use this scent alone or for seasonal blends. First of all, it smells just like peppermint candy canes and other peppermint candy, so that alone is a great reason to use it. It can be added to a diffuser, put in a blend where you want it to be just like candy canes, or you can add it alongside most spice or fruity scents for a wonderful festive blend.

Other Spices

Cinnamon is a popular scent to use for seasonal blends, but it is by far not the only one. There are other spicy blends like nutmeg and clove that also work well in your DIY gifts and homemade items, whether alone or in blends. They also work great with woody scents like fir, cassia, and cedarwood for blends that smell like Christmas trees and the forest during the winter season.

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