The Power of Optimistic Affirmations

The Power of Optimistic Affirmations

Affirmations are one among the many tools you should employ to change your life drastically. There is nothing modern, mystic, stylish or even trendy about them.

Affirmations are part of the old magic, rediscovered and brought back to the limelight; affirmations have existed since man discovered the usage of language and there is no secret ritual to use them. One can have anything if they make it their chief aim, and use these tools properly. Making a list of what you want and using affirmations, can help you change, improve, and regenerate your new self.

Optimistic affirmations I am even stronger and a lot more powerful than ever alternative


First you need to understand what exactly is meant by the word affirmation:

Affirmations are declarations made with feeling, about things you have already accomplished in your consciousness that may or may not have completely shown up for you in this physical world governed by time.

Do you understand that?

You must say they are completed now with feeling if you want them to work.

Once you start the affirmations, set out at least a 30 days tryout period. Subject to the significance of the issue you may require more time and more affirmations to realize your dreams. Consult your loved ones about your decision to change and ask them for their encouragement. Don’t get disheartened, hasty or turn away if nothing occurs in a few days, remember that you did not become this way overnight. Affirmations could and will change your life patterns and viewpoint toward the goal desired.

Affirmations assist your hopeful thinking, and collectively they develop a very efficient and powerful tool. They serve as keywords of positive messages pointed directly to your subconscious mind. When you make an effort to link consciously and direct your positive thoughts to all aspects of your life, you will make changes or mend past situations.

It functions as a reminder to the self, maintaining positive messages at the forefront of awareness. Whatever you think about starts coming your way. It is much better to have positive thoughts running through your brain and have those little puppies to play with instead of problems manifesting.

The benefits of affirmations are medically well-established and actually work well for all who do them correctly. Meanwhile, negative thinking is just as powerful so consider your negative thoughts/feelings since they are in essence self-destructive affirmations, an emotionally draining process that makes your life miserable.

If your subconscious is hurling out a lot of negative thoughts, you must do some brain cleaning before moving into the preferred new positive affirmation mode.

This information may be very general to you as your mind swirls with mind chatter like:

 I do not like this, please not again

 I love that,

 I feel great,

 I dislike him/her,

 I am scared of,

 I don’t want them to see me this way,

 I am doubtful about that,

 I seem rotten,

 Everything I try goes wrong.

Your mind often interprets your feelings as an inner dialogue or a command as to what you want. These thoughts are generated on a deeper level by your perception which is formed and have been stored ever since you were born. We cannot control most exterior actions of our lives. However, we do influence how we translate and respond to the physical world, and we develop our own inner reality. When we change our understanding, a change occurs in our reality.

If you decide to be happy and leave judgment behind then, your outer world will be more comfortable.

Hence, observe your thoughts and if you choose to modify your thoughts, significant changes will occur in your life. Take a second to consider why you are reacting to something or someone? You have negative thoughts. Connect with yourself, accept the truth that these thoughts could have helped you before, but they are out of place since you have decided to allow only positive thoughts and an active lifestyle that brings you pleasure.

Begin all your affirmations in the present tense to get them achieved you are informing your conscious thought that the affirmative action has occurred now, so it is final.

 I AM Glad

 I CHOOSE Joy and Happiness

 I HAVE Even More Courage

 I Am even stronger and a lot more powerful than ever

 I will be glad – I am glad

 I am even more joyful, and so on

Use Positive Affirmations daily to create that positive change you desire.

Remember, they only work when you consider them finished with emotion. (The two hidden secrets to successfully accomplishing your desires.)

There are 300+ page books about affirmations that forget to emphasize these two secrets.

See our book, “2 Keys to Success” by Herb Richards & Taylore Vance (112 pages).

We’d love to hear about your experiences using affirmations.

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