The Best Wood and Forest Scents

The Best Wood and Forest Scents

During the winter, there are many different scents that will remind you of the holidays during this time of the year. It might be peppermint candy canes, gingerbread cookies, or even a spiced drink.

Other popular scents and blends are those which represent the outdoors. There are certain woody and forest-like scents that will smell like a tree farm.

Woody Scents

The ‘woody’ scents are actually a type of aroma family in essential oils. There are 8 main aroma families, each of which gives different types of scents to create a certain emotion or feeling. These include citrus, floral, spicy, resinous, woody, earthy, and herbaceous. The woody scents include anything with trees and outdoor-like scents like cypress, fir, pine, cedarwood, and even cinnamon.

Earthy Scents

The next type of essential oil scent that provides good wood and forest-type scents for your DIY projects and seasonal items are your earthy scents. The earthy scents is another category of aromas, also called an aroma family. These will remind you of the earth, such as with scents like patchouli, valerian, and angelica.


Now let’s look at some individual woody scents that you can use for blends that smell just like a winter forest or the woods when the trees are ready to be chopped down. Cypress is a common woody scent to be used for this purpose. It goes back to ancient times for its health benefits, from helping with hemorrhoids to improving your hair, skin, and oral health. Cypress smells like trees outside, but it has more of a subtle scent, so it is not quite as strong as a pine or fir smell. It is a really good woody essential oil to start with.

Making Blends

If you want an essential oil blend that resembles a wooded or forest area, you don’t just want the woody scents. These provide a good starting base, but you do need some additional scents. When you walk through the woods, it isn’t just the trees you smell, but the crisp winter air, the citrus fruits, and the flowers. This is why you should add some spicy, fruity, and floral oils to the blend as well. Some smells that work great are wild orange, lemon, Frankincense, Myrrh, nutmeg, and cinnamon. You can get a wonderful blend from these types of scents along with your favorite woody scents.

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