The Benefits of Massage for Your Mind and Mental Health

The Benefits of Massage for Your Mind and Mental Health

When most people think of massage, they think about nice calm relaxing times getting their muscles worked on, but they might not be considering another amazing perk to this very old art of care for the body. Massage also offers a variety of mental health benefits, which improve your general well-being. This article will be discussing just a few of the awesome mental health benefits of massage.

Stress Relief

A great massage is an amazing and effective way to reduce stress in your body. The hormone cortisol is produced when you experience stressful situations. Getting a massage helps combat this stress hormone and helps the body to heal itself more efficiently. As your body relaxes, proper breathing helps to sustain a healthy heart rhythm which increases health of the entire body. This leads to a better ability to fight anxiety and other emotional disturbances that can stem from physical disrepair.


This aspect of emotional health is manifested when stress becomes too common to the body. The longer your body experiences stress increases the likelihood of your system becoming overwhelmed by negative emotions and stress chemicals. It will also sometimes escalate into what is known as a panic attack. A massage that targets all areas of the body can help to combat the cortisol, making it much easier to dissipate the feelings of anxiety.

Improves Concentration

A mind that is more at ease, will function on a more efficient level. This fosters a mental environment where a person is likely to be more creative and expressive. Relaxation promotes focus. Partially, this also due to the mind far less clouding by negative feelings that breed self-doubt, insecurity, and other states of mind that lead to procrastination, stagnation, and lack of progress. Lack of stress and anxiety lead to a more productive mind.

Better Sleep

Sleep is the time for the body to rest. This could not be as easily achieved without relaxation. Stress inhibits many of the system that must remain in harmony and balance to reach a truly restful state of being. Sleep is also essential to mental well-being so lack of it could trap you into a vicious cycle where lack of sleep makes it more difficult to sleep and so forth. Be sure to relax the mind and body so that you can attain a restful state the promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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