Soulmate How to Find Love

Soulmate How to Find Love

When one embarks upon their life’s journey – especially a spiritually-inclined journey – it is reasonable and prudent to desire the company of someone else to travel with. That said, wouldn’t it be important to find someone, “going your way?”

Soulmate how to find love true love

If the intention is to find someone to travel alongside with while you are here (on this planet) you might like to find another person to whom you are well-suited and it would be reasonable to find joy in traversing the remainder of this life hand-in-hand. And if you’re a hopeless romantic, like me, this is of primary interest.

I have been consulting couples along their spiritual journeys for many years. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, promises made and vows taken, things do not go as well as planned. Some have the wherewithal to terry long enough to weather the storm, while others crumble and fall due to unforeseen circumstances.

Even I am not immune to the effects of unforeseen forces affecting the lives of those committed in the bonds of marriage. Seven years ago, my son paid the ultimate price in Afghanistan. After my wife and I laid him to rest, our marriage – and the entire family – imploded. We were unable to survive the devastating effects of having to say goodbye to our young 20-year-old son.

Tragic as it was, this event hurled me further down my own path of personal and spiritual growth; and after a while, I, too, began to yearn for someone to join me for the remainder of my journey.

Of course, I embarked on this journey with great enthusiasm. I created a system that I had planned on branding and publishing the amazing results following the discovery and recognition of my soul mate, my one true love… While my system was (and I still believe still is) effective, here, I am (years later) still attending public events as the only single guy.

Though my friends think (and they say out-loud) that I have set my standards too high and I should compromise because, “aren’t all relationships just a succession of compromise – give and take – for the benefit of the familial unit?” One would have to admit this is the commonly accepted view (which is good), but I long for something more.

What if you do find, “the one?”

Then what?

Finding an enlightened partner on a similar path of personal and spiritual growth – even if you appear to be traveling in the same direction at the moment – could be problematic. Given the nature of personal and spiritual growth, at any time the two of you could encounter a fork in the road.

This is that critical moment where life decisions are made. One must center and ask one’s self, “Do I go this way, or that way?” (it’s often not as easy as taking the road less traveled). In that moment two individuals totally connected heart-to-heart walking hand-in-hand could come to separate conclusions.

Therein is the rub

There really is no way to circumvent this critical juncture if it falls upon your relationship. If you are living a life in harmony with your highest and best, the conclusion must be not to compromise and let the other person follow their path, wherever it leads.

My Hope for You

My hope for you is that you find the perfect person – to whom you are perfectly matched – not perfect in every way, but perfectly suited for you in all their imperfections and you likewise.

Once you find each other, I hope that you will be able to experience a new level of love – one that exceeds any form of romantic love that you have known before – and that you will grow together, in harmony, for the remainder of this life’s journey.

If not, be aware

Someone magnificent is on his or her way

David M Masters

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  1. so funny that I should somehow ‘find’ this and read it with great interest and then see it is you, David, that wrote it…it has been some years since my husband died and I am really okay with being alone for this part of my journey. But I do miss the companionship and let’s face it, it’s just plain fun to be in love. Wishing you well over this solemn weekend of remembrance.

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