Two steps down from the landing at the top of the stairs a loving male spirit beckoned me to join him. Eagerly and swiftly, I walked across the living room, where I had noticed him, to the staircase. Once our friendly greetings where exchanged I asked him if there was something I could do for him. Upward, he pointed with his right hand as he tilted his head back examining my hallway ceiling. This was his invitation to me to accompany him.

Gently he grasped hold of my hand and pulled me near him. I did not have the sensation of movement as I often do when traveling with spirit, rather while looking up, the ceiling gave way to a void of darkness, a circular opening filled with tiny bright white lights, the image of a clear, night sky filled with twinkling stars. The calm, beauty, and peace of the moment quickly turned to panic. I discovered myself in a situation I had not expected nor was prepared for, a sand storm.

Initially, I did not know what it was that was stinging my eyes; it felt as if thousands of sharp needles were piercing them and as for the air, there was none. The minute bit I was able to take in was hardly enough to fill my lungs. The air was heavy, thick, full of what I soon realized was sand, and the roar of the wind was thunderous. I shielded my eyes and pulled my shirt up to cover my nose and mouth praying that it would be over soon. In order to remain with this loving spirit and tell his story I knew I had to shield us from this physical pain and upon asking the universe, God, for protection, I quickly found the man and myself surrounded by a barrier of energy. This energy force allowed me to be a participant without the ill physical effects of his experience.

“It was at this moment I knew I would be taking my last breaths, I knew I was going to die”, he told me. “I knew there was no hope, I waited, I succumbed to the inevitable”. I was certain this loving male spirit wanted to tell me of his passing, knowing that by telling me his story, I would in-turn tell you. This morning it is my honor to be his messenger. I was more than willing to join him on his experience. I immersed myself in his words and all that he showed me. I did not want to disappoint him; I wanted to relay his message just as he wished. This is what he wants you to know.

“There was a sound amidst the deadly wind. I thought I could hear music. I heard a single note at first, then only the wind. I focused my attention on that single note wondering if it were my imagination. I then heard another and another until I was hearing many musical notes. The musical notes became louder and clearer while the overbearing sound of the wind became softer. The welcoming melody was coming from behind me. Praise be to Allah I cried as I turned to the direction of the music.

Why had I been facing the storm when all this time, behind me is a blue sky, the brightly shining sun and the wind filled with perfume and fresh air, how could I have not known the life I have dreamt of was so close, how could I have not seen, he thought to himself?” He continued by showing me images of his bare feet stepping from the sand onto an ever-growing and expansive pasture of lush green grass. He, now armed with a staff, focused his attention on a heard of sheep grazing nearby.

Dear God, most glorious on high, thank you for sparing my life, for I was certain death would overtake me. Thank you Allah for my beautiful new life”. The loving male spirit goes on to explain that initially he thought his life in the physical world continued, that the deadly storm has spared him, the deadly storm that had finally passed leaving peace and tranquility in its wake. He now realizes that his old life is over and explains how he is happy in his new life.

With nothing further to share, with gratitude the loving male spirit and I parted ways. I, back in my living room and he, immersed in his wonderful and beautiful new state of being. After leaving him, I wondered how long he had waited to tell his story and recognized his generosity for coming forward to share his experience, his transition from the physical to the spirit world. I am grateful and honored to relay his story to you, his experience, and his journey; it is what he wants you to know.

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Gale Stein

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