Reiki Master receives a fist full of five dollar bills

Reiki Master receives a fist full of five dollar bills

How does a Reiki Master receives a fist full of dollars?

What is a Reiki Master? It is a person who has studied this ancient healing method and has passed up to the third, the master level of attainment. That person is dedicated to connecting with Source Energy at a very high level and is willing to flow this healing energy to all things.

When you, the Reiki Master, commit your life to joining with the higher consciousness within your being, your life takes a turn for the better. The Universe starts giving you your thoughts, supporting you instantly in many ways. Reiki is not a religion, but a spiritual process of awakening you – both within and without.

Reiki gives you piece of mind
Reiki gives you piece of mind

What does Reiki do for a person?

  • You become more relaxed
  • You are healthier (when you focus on being healthier)
  • You’re happier (when you think happy thoughts)
  • And the universe takes care of your needs (if you allow it to)


Why do you think more people are now becoming conscious?

Our solar system (the sun with its planets tagging along) as it travels through the galaxy is traveling through a high spiritual energy belt and will do so for approximately 1000 years of our time. That’s why it’s been long prophesied that we will have 1000 years of peace. We have been edging into this area where we are bombarded with this photon energy that’s so new to us and changes are slowly taking place in spite of the efforts of the negative controllers to sidetrack us with constant made up dangers, fears and propaganda of war

Photon Energy
Photon Energy effects life and is bringing in the Golden Age

In effect, Earth’s orbit is entering into a special energy belt where we can have the best chance to become a more spiritual being than ever before. Becoming a Reiki Master connects a person to God Source Energy and their life is never the same. There is an awakening taking place all across the world as these new and lighter energies flow into our lives whereby they are helping us wake up. Being Reiki will help you to connect more easily to the effects of the photon belt which is an intensifying series of energies. This energy is streaming in a divine pattern to create what is needed to manifest a greater reality. I believe this is what the ancients were talking about when they said the Golden age was coming.


How does God express in the physical world?

In reality God has no physical body but the God consciousness uses people as His/Her/Its Body as a tool to touch/support others on earth. No books were written by God Itself. God personally does not write books. All people with inner connections are used as a channel for the things to manifest in this world including knowledge. All information, wisdom, ideas, books, abundance, and other things you need are forever flowing out of the Godhead, the mind of God, and it also flows flows through anyone’s mind. The way you use your mind causes things to show up in our reality, are not.


People with a high ego are not good messengers for divine knowledge

You must use discernment when reading books, watching TV, going to seminars, gathering information from the Internet, etc., because people’s egos are in action also. People with a high ego will taint this knowledge to serve their personal interest.

Alien god shamas
Alien god shamas appears to be a giant

There is no statue of God made by man

In the past, earth humans must have thought that the aliens were gods. Look at the many old civilizations which worshiped these strange beings as we can see from the many cave drawings, statues, monuments built to these so-called Gods and now as seen on a TV History channel there is a show called the “Ancient Aliens”. Do you believe that any of these ancient statues were actually depicting God?


Back to the story of how to manifest a fistful of dollars

There is a law of divine oneness where our needs are taken care of because in reality we are one with God and it works within us, manifesting our thoughts because of the feelings behind them.

  1. What are you thinking right now?
  2. What if your thoughts manifested right now?
  3. Have you been feeling good about yourself these days?
  4. Do you feel good enough to receive your dreams?
  5. Do you feel at one with the God within?


Reiki helps you by increasing your connection to Source (God) and more and more of us are realizing that we are truly infinite beings. There is nothing outside of you; it is all within you and almost all people are looking for a solution which they think is outside of them. This is kind of tricky for your mind to understand. The mind by itself really knows nothing. Your conscious mind is not too smart. It has been programmed:

  1. By your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.
  2. By your peers
  3. By your teachers and other authority figures
  4. By everything outside of you


Most people have lots of problems because their conscious mind has attitudes, opinions, judgments, and much incorrect information plus the Ego trying to direct your life. Your subconscious mind is the powerhouse, and ten thousand times stronger than the surface mind. Your subconscious mind runs all of the activity in your body and it is connected to the God within and without.


Reiki Masters have the ability to connect to an unlimited and intelligent flow of energy that’s willing to help in all kinds of circumstances. Example below:

Roi and I were doing a weekend exhibition and sales show where we have 10 tables of merchandise to sell. We’ve done the shows for many years because it brings in money to help support the school and we get to flow that Reiki energy to hundreds of people just by being there. Roi was going to the restroom for a few minutes and I was manning the booth. I noticed that I was low on five dollar bills; I had only one in my change purse. I was wondering how I could make change while he was gone since I was so low on five dollar bills? It’s amazing how the universe steps in to supply our every need and desire when we recognize that we are not alone, and that we are totally loved and supported. In the next few moments while Roi was gone about 10 people came around the tables to buy things. Each customer had a five-dollar bill, and some had even four or five of those five dollar bills to give me in exchange for merchandise. By the time Roi returned I had collected at least 25 five dollar bills.

I showed Roi my purse was full of five dollar bills. A couple hours later in the day Roi ran low on one dollar bills. His next customer bought $40 worth of merchandise and handed him 40 one dollar bills. Roi also received an abundance of what he needed at the time he needed it with no effort on his part.


When you are connected through Reiki to the source of all, you are totally supported in all things if you allow It (the God within) to help you.

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