Prayers and How to Pray

Prayers and How to Pray

Does prayer really work?

Prayers and How to PrayHow does true prayer work to bring you the things you desire? True prayer is not begging for something in the future, as is usually done nowadays; rather, it is about thanking the deity for having successfully already brought your desire to you even though you may not be able to see it yet.

Because the subconscious mind is your direct connection to the deity and only exists in the NOW, the things you ask for in a future time can’t be delivered. This is because it has no future; it has only now! You must express your prayer as an affirmation and not as a form of begging for things to come.

To me, my prayers are declarations of things or ideas that I have already accomplished in my mind that may or may not have completely shown up yet in the physical world.

For a prayer to work, you must know you have your desire fulfilled the instant you pray, even though it may be days, weeks, months, or years before it comes into view. The basis of a proper prayer is gratitude to the deity of your choice for having delivered your request. Prayers can be for anything you desire. Contrary to popular belief, the deity will fulfill your wishes without judgment.

The first word of your prayers should be whatever name you prefer to use for the Source of All things.

1. Sample of a spiritual prayer: “Father, I am grateful that you have helped me relax into a beautiful inner peace.”

2. Sample of a physical prayer: “Father, I am grateful that you have arranged for me to get a new black Mazda Miata at a tremendous discount.”

The only limit to what you can have physically or spiritually through true prayer is your imagination.

You may think you are not being truthful to yourself or to the deity when you consider your request fulfilled before you see it. You are saying,

“I already have it and I am thankful.”

Time is a tricky situation. If you still believe in the old idea that you only go around once and that time is real, you could be correct. However, when you finally accept that quantum physics view of time it is more correct and that we live in an endless succession of “nows,” your request is indeed yours the instant you state it. (Your request is even known before you ask for it.)

If you just go on with life and give no thought to when your request will be fulfilled, you have prayed successfully.

The thing you do not do next is try to mentally figure out how your prayer will be fulfilled. Leave it alone, and have the same kind of knowing anticipation as a five-year-old on Christmas Eve when he knows that Santa will have his new red wagon, etc. under the tree in the morning.

Faith is the one word used to express such a concept. The child has faith he is getting the red wagon.

Many people make the mistake of praying for money when what they really want is a matching blonde bedroom set. When you state what you really want, it expands the ways in which the deity can deliver.

As we mentioned before, you must show how grateful you are for the end result having arrived even though you may not have seen it yet!

Now’s your chance to practice faith and take advantage of all the good things that come your way because you have a proper prayer in the works. When your request finally arrives, it may be of a higher quality than you imagined. Don’t forget to celebrate. When you rejoice, it shows appreciation!

By Herb “Roi” Richards


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PS: Have you prayed and received your prayer fulfilled? Please share your techniques with us.

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  1. I agree with you Roi. If we truly believe the bible when it says anything you ask for in Jesus name will be done, then why ask again or worry whether it will happen or not? Have faith it will be done…sometime.

    1. I agree that being able to receive without worrying is the best process.
      There are thousands of books, articles and seminars on this. Would you be willing to share more of your ideas with our readers here or maybe write an article?

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