Positive Affirmations To Develop Self-Esteem

Positive Affirmations To Develop Self-Esteem

The crux of this list is to think always in positive terms about life and the opportunities that sometimes appear. Then embrace those opportunities to share who you are with others.

Some Positive Affirmations To Develop Self-Esteem

• I approve of myself and feel great about myself.
• I am well respected for the genuineness of my love for others.
• My high self- esteem enables me to also show right-minded respect to others, not for gaining their approval of me.
• I am a wise yet a humble person who can laugh at myself.
• I am solution-minded and refuse to give in to gloom and doom ways of thinking. I understand the need for work as well as communication in all difficult moments.
• My mind is full of gratitude for my beautiful and wonderful life.
• I release the past and live only in the present and with that I get to enjoy and experience the fullness of life.
• I am an adult who understands how to make wise and good decisions, and for that can rightfully be called an independent adult.
• The authority is within and not outside of me.
• I can be happy in a crowd or alone because I am connected to an interior source of power for my life.
• I greet others with self-assuredness and enthusiasm.
• I always remember that I want to make the other feel good about himself or herself.
• I am persistent in my quest toward a goal.
• Everyday I see opportunities that are positive.
• I wake up looking forward to the unusual, the unexpected, and the surprises every day visits upon me.
• People feel comfortable with me because I am a good listener.
• I attract others to myself – people who are like me.
• I will not overlook or ignore the positive events in life.
• I will enjoy the sun on the sunny days.
• I will appreciate the birds, the trees, and the clouds that dance across the sky above me.
• I have the ability to achieve my goals.
• I already feel better about myself.
• I choose happiness.
• I see every hurdle as a challenge.
• I accept others for who they are, and others accept me.
• I am grateful for the person I am and the person I will become.
• I live in the present.
• I deserve love, because I respect and love myself.

  • Everything that happens to me is a Blessing
  • I count my blessings everyday

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